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What’s going on with Double Glazing in York?

A rented home in York, which was built in the 1930s, has become the 100th energy efficient SuperHome in the UK. The semi-detached house has had a refit costing thousands of pounds to cut its carbon emissions by over sixty per cent. The property now has insulated floors, ceiling and double glazing, and annual fuels bills have been reduced from £542 to £167. The property also has a solar-thermal system to generate hot water. The home will be open to the public by appointment, and advice will be provided on making homes more energy efficient.


A grass roots initiative called York in Transition (YiT) has secured funding for a thermal imaging camera to take thermal images of homes in York and advise owners where most of their home’s heat is being lost. The initiative wants to educate local people in York on how the energy they pay for is being lost, which costs them money and causes pollution. The images capture the least insulated areas of properties, indicated by a red glow, and depending on the area of the home, then either loft or wall insulation, or double glazed windows can be recommended.

Cheap UPVC Double Glazing Prices in York, Yorkshire

For homeowners looking for information on double glazing in York, can help. We specialise in finding double glazing companies across the City of York, and our mission is to find you the best double glazing company for your needs.


There are so many advantages to gain from installing double glazing in your home. The most notable benefit is the money saved from reduced energy bills, potentially up to £165 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.  Furthermore, double glazed windows are up to 20% more efficient than single glazing. The main purpose of double glazed windows is to insulate your home, so as a result you will need less energy to heat your home and spend less money. By using less energy to heat your home and therefore emitting less carbon dioxide, your home will also have a smaller carbon footprint. Plus, you will be making a worthwhile investment for your home, as double glazed windows usually last for at least 20 years, meaning there are plenty of savings to be had over the coming years. will search through our network of double glazing companies in Yorkshire to find the best deal and service for your property. We do not charge for our service, and every double glazing company we recommend has been fully checked to ensure they are local, trusted and accredited. Our site saves you time by allowing you to compare a range of quotes to find the most suitable company for your needs  – after all, who has time to search for double glazing quotes? Let us do the hard work for you.

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