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Have you considered just how money you could save each year as a result of investment in double glazed windows for your Sheffield home or business property? According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could slash £165 from your annual energy bills when you have energy-efficient windows installed, but there are many more benefits as far as your own comfort is concerned.


Property owners have turned to double glazing time and time again down the years when they have needed to retain more of their property’s heat – after all, as much as 20% of a building’s heat can escape through those window panes. As a northern English city, Sheffield has long and dark winters as well as a lot of coldness and drizzle, which can make professionally-fitted double glazed windows a very sound investment.


Here at Compare My Local, we help you to find great deals on double glazing, whether you live in Sheffield itself or instead another part of South Yorkshire such as Doncaster, Barnsley or Rotherham. More than that, though, we help you to choose a genuine high quality double glazing supplier, as every one of our represented companies has been thoroughly checked and vetted.

The latest developments in Sheffield double glazing

There are seven cities across the UK for which £12m of funding has been announced in relation to the government’s Green Deal scheme – and Sheffield is one of them.


For the uninitiated, the Green Deal is a programme by which homeowners are able to have energy-efficient improvements made to their properties without having to pay the full up-front cost. Those participating in the Green Deal are able to receive financial assistance towards such improvements as heating, insulation, draught-proofing or double glazing.


It all starts with the request of an assessment to determine the improvements that can be made and the amount by which your energy bills can be slashed – and is followed by the arrangement of work through a Green Deal provider. On the completion of the work, you can then repay the money in instalments through your energy bill.


The £12m funding will put local authorities in a better position to test out key areas of the Green Deal. A ‘first come, first served’ cash back scheme has also been announced recently, with homeowners potentially able to reclaim as much as £1,000 depending on the amount of work that they agree to have completed. 

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