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Compare My Local Solar Panel Installers In Cheshire

Did you know that the sun supplies enough solar energy in one hour to supply the entire world's power needs for one year? That's a massive amount of energy, so the next question is how to capture some of it.

Fortunately, despite popular impressions concerning geographical location, you can still capture a sizeable chunk of the sun's energy wherever you live in the UK, and Cheshire is no exception.

There are lots of local solar PV installation companies in Cheshire all of them very busy right now. Yes, that's right it's still a great time to install solar PV panels, despite what you may have heard on the news.

You CAN still make a decent return on your investment, especially given the fall in costs for solar PV over the last few years, and also it will also help save you money as well as cutting your carbon emissions.

Therefore if you want to find a really good solar panel installer that's local to you, you've come to the right place. Whether it's Chester, Stockport, Ellesmere Port, Birkenhead, Crewe, Runcorn or anywhere else in Cheshire, Compare My Local will help you to find a reliable solar panel installer close to you.

We operate a completely free service and can draw upon a wide network of installers across the county, all of whom are MCS accredited and fully vetted. Compare prices and services across the county with the help of Compare My Local, helping you to find an installation company that you can feel good about.

Solar PV news in Cheshire

Last November the Greener Group, a solar installer based in Chester, installed a groundbreaking solar PV system on a listed building which is one of the first installations of its kind in the country. The first proposal for a 4 kWp roof mounted system was rejected by the council, but a second proposal was accepted and now the building has a system consisting of solar electric slates supplied by Solarcentury on its roof.

The installation of the C21e slates demonstrate that even listed buildings can benefit from solar PV. Meanwhile Solarcentury are proud to say that thanks to their solar electric slates any slate roof can now go solar since the C21e is specially designed to fit meaning that the building doesn't need bolt-on modules or specialist integrated systems. The new 3 kWp system is expected to produce 2,500 kWh annually.

Elsewhere in Cheshire, Stockport Homes have benefitted from the installation of 1,300 domestic solar PV kits as a part of its Stockport Homes Investing In Natural Energy (SHINE) project. The kits, supplied by solar company Green Electricity, have been pre-designed and were delivered directly to the site. This means that tenants can now benefit from reduced electricity bills while Stockport Homes benefits from the Feed-in Tariff which will go into improving energy efficiency in the rest of its housing stock.

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