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If you’re looking for information on double glazing in Herefordshire but are not quite sure where to start, can help. Searching for double glazing quotes can be a time consuming task, whether you live in Ross-on-Wye, Leominster or Ledbury, so why not give us the hard work? We specialise in finding suitable double glazing installers for all kinds of homeowners, to save you time and money, and best of all, our service is completely free!


With rising costs of energy bills making life a struggle for many homeowners across the UK, more and more people are now looking towards energy efficient options for their properties to help save money. Double glazed windows are one of the most popular choices and it’s not hard to see why.  They can retain up to 20% more heat in your property compared to single glazing, and this can result in a saving of £165 a year on your heating bills. Of course, they will also mean that less carbon dioxide will be emitting, which will lower your carbon footprint and benefit the environment. Other benefits of uPVC windows include less condensation created; and less noise pollution from outside, such as traffic noise or dogs barking. Double glazed windows are also more secure than single glazing, as they are made from toughened or laminated glass, meaning that you and your family will be safer.


We are able to compare a wide database of double glazing companies in Herefordshire, from Bromyard to Kington, to Hereford itself. So, wherever you live, can help to save you time and money and find the right installer for you. We always check every company we recommend to ensure that they are trustworthy and accredited, to give you complete peace of mind. And with nothing to pay for our price comparison service – there’s absolutely no risk for you at all!

Double Glazing in Herefordshire – The Latest News

A farmer from Herefordshire has been ordered to move “unauthorised alterations” to his pigs’ living quarters. The farmer had added rooflights, block walling and double glazed windows to his pig pen, which is housed in an old stone barn. Alterations to the 200-year-old building were rejected, with comments saying that the double glazing gave the barn a “domestic appearance” and were unnecessary for an animal shelter. The windows used were redundant double glazed windows from his own home, which he felt made the barn safer for his pregnant pigs and piglets. Prior to the alterations, the farmer felt that the pigs may not have survived the conditions.


Elsewhere in Herefordshire, a green thinking community near Ross-on-Wye has put its energy into its village hall. Villagers in Goodrich recently sourced £50,000 to turn the hall into a low energy building and hosted a Goodrich Goes Green event. Money was spent on insulation, energy saving lighting and double glazing.

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