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Reduce your energy costs with double glazing in Coventry | Compare Local Installers' Prices

Are you a resident of Coventry, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley or any other settlement in the West Midlands? And are you sick of feeling cold in your own house, even when your heating is costing you a bomb? In which case, have you considered using Compare My Local to find highly competitive prices for Coventry double glazing?


A double glazed window is a window consisting of two sheets of glass, separated by a gap – usually around 16mm. Such a window type is highly effective at keeping more of the heat generated by your home, in your home. This is in sharp contrast to single glazed windows that all too easily allow heat to escape. It’s no surprise that Coventry homeowners and business owners are investing in double glazing, having become sick of getting hit in the pocket.


There are many different double glazing frame materials and styles to choose from, while energy-efficient windows also greatly differ in the amount of air that is allowed to leak in and out of them. Anyone in Coventry who has bought double glazing before will also be aware of the widely varying quality of service that is offered by local installers, which makes it so important to separate the best from the worst.


With the easy-to-use price comparison service at Compare My Local, you can do precisely that... and as we carefully vet our represented Coventry double glazing firms, you are assured of quality.

Coventry double glazed windows... what is the latest news?

Potential purchasers of double glazing throughout Coventry and beyond are being warned about sham ‘energy saving’ devices that not only fail to reduce their energy costs, but also put them at risk of electric shocks. Consumer watchdogs are urging homeowners not to buy the offending “electricity saving boxes” after tests found that they did not comply with safety legislation.


According to trading standards, various people – including an elderly woman in Warwickshire - have received successful cold calls from fraudsters claiming to be from energy suppliers as part of the sale of their products. Householders have been scammed into paying around £99 for the potentially deadly devices, which Consumer Direct has now recalled.


Simon Cripwell, of the trading standards team at Warwickshire County Council, commented: “The product poses a risk of electric shock because immediately after disconnection from the power supply, the voltage on the pins is too high.”


He added that Coventry homeowners wishing to bring down their energy bills were better off investing in cavity wall and loft insulation or double glazing instead, if not also switching energy supplier.

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