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If you are living in Birmingham and still haven’t sought out the best double glazing installers, then what are you waiting for? Energy-efficient glazing can be a very wise investment, as it means that much more of your home’s heat is actually retained. As a result, you’ll use less fuel, which not only reduces your energy bills – by as much as £165 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust – but as a result of the reduced fuel use, also minimise your carbon footprint. A typical 680kg less of carbon dioxide can be generated each year, so you’ll be doing your bit to address global warming.


Other benefits of an investment in double glazing in Birmingham include the reduced condensation that can occur on your windows, as well as greater insulation against outside noise. But can you be sure that your chosen suppliers of double glazed windows are reputable and accredited, as well as locally based and inexpensive? The short answer is that in many cases, you can’t, which is why the Compare My Local online comparison service exists to sort out the more trustworthy companies from the more notorious. After all, Birmingham energy-efficient glazing is capable of lasting for two decades or more, so you’ll want to strike the right balance between quality and price.


We help not only residents of Birmingham, but also those in other areas of the West Midlands, from Coventry and Dudley to Stourbridge and Wolverhampton, in their search for the ideal double glazed windows for their property.

What are the latest developments concerning double glazing in Birmingham?

One of the ways in which homes and businesses in Birmingham can cost-effectively invest in double glazing and other energy-efficient improvements is through the Green Deal. The government scheme may have been delayed somewhat, but it now finally seems to be coming on stream to the benefit of Birmingham residents with an interest in double glazed windows, with the announcement that the city is one of seven to be part of a £12m fund. The money is intended to help local authorities to truly kick start the Green Deal in their parts of the UK, with support being provided for the testing of key elements.


The installation work and assessment procedures are among the elements of the Green Deal Framework that are expected to be tried out as a result of the money, which is also being entrusted to councils in Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield. Also recently announced is the launch of the Green Deal Cash Back Scheme, which will involve cash being claimed back by householders that opt to have double glazed window units installed.

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