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How CCTV Could Save Your Home

Many homes around the nation now have alarm systems installed to protect from, and deter, unwanted intruders, offering

a number of benefits that include extra security and meeting insurance requirements among others. However, recent years have also seen a rise in homes installing CCTV systems to elevate their security to a higher level.


CCTV is vital for commercial premises, such as shops, restaurants, offices and industrial complexes, and now it is becoming more and more common in residential properties, and installing a system in your home brings with it a wide range of benefits...

Extra Security

Perhaps the most obvious reason for fitting a CCTV on your premises is the heightened level of security that such a system offers. Providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property, family and possessions are safe and sound, closed circuit camera networks allow for constant surveillance of the interior and exterior of your home and its surrounding grounds, connecting either to your computer or directly into your TV for monitoring.


This has the added bonus of allowing you to see who is at your front door before answering it – not only as a precaution but also as a handy way of avoiding cold callers!


In the unfortunate event that both your monitoring and alarm systems can't prevent a crime, CCTV offers the consolation of being able to identify culprits in many cases, and CCTV recordings are considered irrefutable evidence when used in court.


One of the more attractive reasons for installing CCTV in your home is the financial benefits it can bring.


In many cases, having a surveillance system on your property can reduce your home insurance premiums by demonstrating added security, and prices for CCTV start at £100, making it affordable to most.


As with visible house alarms, CCTV cameras act as a massive deterrent to potential intruders and opportunistic burglars. Statistics show that homes with noticeable CCTV cameras are 90% less likely to suffer a break-in, and many will ignore a ringing alarm nowadays on the assumption that it's an erroneous mishap.


These are just some of the advantages of domestic CCTV installation. However, when fitting a surveillance system in your home, there are a number of legal requirements under the Data Protection Act that you must meet. Firstly, there must be some indication to the public that CCTV is being used in the area along with a reason why. Secondly, the local authorities have the right to demand images from your personal CCTV recordings for use in criminal investigations. Finally, you must provide any member of the public that believes they've been recorded on your system with the images within 40 days.


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