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Energy Saving Tips for the Summer

Summer Energy Saving

With the summer finally on its way, it’s time to enjoy the sunshine, long, warm evenings , and barbeques. While we commonly associate the winter with higher energy usage and bills, there are also savings to be made over the summer. In the warmer months we are more likely to take more showers to cool down as well as use air-cooling methods such as fans and air conditioning. Here are some money saving ideas for the summer:

1.) Hang the washing out

Now that the sun is shining turn off the tumble dryer and hang your washing outside in the garden to dry. Even if you have a very small garden or a balcony, you can still hang a clothes horse or airer instead of spending money by using the tumble dryer. Plus, your clothes will have that “outside freshness” that you just can’t get from a tumble dryer!

2.) Cool down your shower

During the summer it’s more difficult to stay cool, so when you get home, instead of jumping in a hot or warm shower, turn the temperature control down and enjoy a cool, refreshing shower instead. Not only will you feel more energised but you’ll save money too. Save even more money by reducing the time you spend in the shower – the average showering time in the UK is eight minutes so try to keep your showers shorter than this.

3.) Get outside

The summer is the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy the weather – whether it’s gardening, walking the dog or perhaps out for a ride on the bike. Not only will it benefit your health to be more active, but you’ll be reducing the amount of time you spend indoors using electricity, such as watching TV, and this will save you money.

4.) Fire up the barbeque

It wouldn’t be summer without a few barbeques (which hopefully won’t be ruined by the rain!) So instead of cooking your evening meal in the oven, go outside and cook it on the barbeque instead. Not only does using the oven increase your energy usage, it will also raise the ambient temperature in your house, so if you’ve got an air-conditioning unit or fan it will have to work that much harder to keep your home cool.

5.) Keep the heat out

Whilst in the winter it’s all about keeping the heat in, during the summer, it’s better to keep the heat out. This can be done by keeping blinds and curtains closed to block the sunlight from flooding in, and creating a flow of cool air by opening windows on opposite sides of your property.

6.) Install double glazing

You may think that double glazed windows are designed to keep the heat in your property, but did you know that during warmer periods modern double glazing can also help to keep the heat out? The gas between the two panes of glass forms an insulation barrier that helps to keep the heat out during the summer as well the cold air in the winter.

Don’t be fooled into thinking we only spend money on energy during the winter. Following these tips can help you reduce your summer energy usage and save you money as well as benefitting the environment.


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