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Compare Best Local Double Glazing Installers in Dorset 

For homeowners looking for information on double glazing in Dorset, can help. We specialise in finding double glazing companies across Dorset, whether in Dorchester, Poole or Weymouth, and our mission is to find you the best double glazing installer for your needs.


There are so many benefits from installing uPVC windows in your home in Dorset. The main benefit, of course, is the financial saving from reduced heating bills each month. Double glazed windows help to insulate your property, and because up to 20% of your home’s heat can be lost through single glazed windows, you will need less energy to heat your home and therefore spend less money. Using less energy to heat your home will also mean you’ll have a smaller carbon footprint from fewer carbon dioxide emissions, which will help the environment. Double glazed windows are a worthwhile investment for your home, as windows last for at least 20 years, meaning there are plenty of savings to be had over the years.


Compare My Local’s aim is to search through a wide network of double glazing companies in Dorset to find you the best deal and service for your home. We don’t charge for our service, and every double glazing company we recommend to you has been checked to ensure they are local, trusted and accredited. Our service allows you to compare a range of quotes to find the most suitable company for your needs, whether you’re looking for a double glazing company in Sherborne, Wimborne Minster or Shaftesbury.

What’s going on with Double Glazing in Dorset?

Weymouth Bay Holiday Park had a visit from TV personality Anna Ryder-Richardson to open one of the holiday park’s ‘greenest ever’ caravans. Ryder-Richardson, who is known for her appearances on Changing Rooms, is an eco-campaigner and helped with the interior design of the new caravans. The caravans aim to cut at least 45% in electricity and gas costs through a range of energy saving features including wall, ceiling and floor insulation, double glazing and water-saving devices.


Elsewhere in Dorset, a beach hut near Bournemouth has sold for £170,000 making it possibly the most expensive beach hut ever sold in the UK. The 5.6 by 3.2 metre timber hut boasts a fitted kitchen, running water, solar panels and double glazing, yet does not feature a toilet. Residents are required to use a communal block nearby. The selling price is nearly £10,000 more than the current average house price in the UK. Beach huts in the area usually sell between £130,000 and £145,000, but with the added energy saving features such as solar panels and double glazed windows, this particular hut was highly sought after.

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