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Feed In Tariff

The Feed In Tariff scheme was first introduced into the UK in April 2010. It was launched with the aim of encouraging small businesses, organisations and individual households to choose solar energy. It aims to reward those who install solar energy by offering a guaranteed payment for any unused energy and for any energy that they generate themselves.

The feed-in-tariff is just another incentive to install solar panels onto your business or home. Over the years you can recoup large sums of money depending on the amount of energy your panels produce. At the same time you'll also be saving money on your energy bills, which will help to keep your monthly costs down.

Any surplus energy that you have created will be exported back to the national grid and you'll receive an additional payment for this. You could receive up to 16p/kWhr depending on the size and type of solar system which has been used to generate this energy. You can then increase this by an extra 4.5p/kWhr when you export any surplus energy back into the national grid.

In total feed-in-tariffs are paid for a total of 20 years. However, if the solar system was installed before August 2012 then you'll qualify for this scheme for 25 years.

This tariff was introduced to help increase the overall amount of renewable energy in the UK, as part of our national target. By 2020 the government are looking for 15% of our total energy to come from renewable sources.

You can find out more about the feed-in-tariff by finding out which types of solar installations qualify for the scheme by reading the individual product pages.

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