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Solar Panels Scotland: What are the benefits and costs?

If you’re looking for solar panels in Scotland, you’re in the right place. Scores of homeowners have chosen to cut their energy bills in the most eco-friendly way by investing in solar panels through the price comparison site at Contrary to what you may expect, these panels can operate without direct sunlight.


You may also have heard them referred to as Solar PV. This stands for solar photovoltaic, and these systems are used to transform sunlight into energy. Once the panels are paid for, you can expect to run up no further costs when using them, making them a very shrewd investment indeed.

Be paid to generate electricity with Solar PV in Scotland

You can expect to benefit from government-backed incentives when using solar PVs. Governments across the world are known for rewarding public efforts to reduce their carbon footprints, and you may find that you are rewarded financially for any electricity that the panels generate, regardless of whether you actually use it or not.


Meanwhile, we always vet the solar PV suppliers on our books to ensure that they are only offering the best services around. If a company falls short of our standards, they can expect to be removed from our database.

How much do Solar Panels Cost in Scotland

Solar panels cost around £7,000 to install but once they are paid for, you stand to save thousands in comparison to conventional electricity bills. Prices for photovoltaic panels continue to fall over time, putting them firmly within the reach of more and more people.


In fact, many people often suggest that every new build home should come complete with solar PVs intact. Factors which may influence the price that you pay for a panel include how efficient the panel is, and how the panel is installed. For instance, if your panel is installed on top of, rather than inside your roof, you stand to pay less.

Keep them working efficiently

You shouldn’t expect to have to maintain solar panels too often. All that is required to keep them working is cleanliness – plus you will also need to ensure that they are not overly-obstructed by trees. Dust and bird droppings may need to be cleaned from time to time to keep the panels efficient, but it’s up to you whether you perform the work yourself or enlist the services of a professional solar PV cleaning company.


You shouldn’t expect to pay over the odds for one of these companies, or to have to contact them too regularly. Meanwhile, you can expect to get around 25 years of electricity from the panels before they need to be replaced – though you will need to replace the inverter at some point. Get the best prices for solar panels in Scotland at 

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