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Solar Panel Installers East Midlands: Best Solar PV Prices

Now is a really good time to consider investing in a solar PV system and here is why. Conventional fuel bills are increasing in cost all the time and so a solar PV system will save you money given that energy from the sun is free. Furthermore the cost of solar PV equipment has fallen dramatically over the last few years and that means you can still make a decent return on your investment with the aid of Feed-in Tariffs.


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Solar PV in the East Midlands

Lark energy has installed 15 MW of solar PV across the East Midlands and Eastern England with a wide variety of projects including both business and domestic installations. The total number of installed solar PV panels is estimated to be somewhere around 65,000, enough to power around 4,000 households.


In Northamptonshire Opus Energy launched an apprenticeship scheme in order to bring new employees into the industry. Northampton Council has installed around 1,500 panels on one of its offices and Samil Power has opened new offices and a warehouse.


There are at least two solar park projects under way in the county. In Nottinghamshire, farmers are getting in on the solar PV revolution as indeed are farmers in other parts of the country. Nottingham University has installed solar PV on three rooftops on its main campus. All across the region installers have also been busy installing systems on domestic properties. 

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