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Solar Panel Installers East Anglia: Compare Local Solar Panels Cost

If you live in East Anglia and you’re thinking of installing solar PV the good news is that there has never been a better time in which to do so. The price of conventional energy is going up all the time and meanwhile the costs of solar PV equipment have gone down. That means you can make a substantial return on your investment from Feed-in Tariffs (FiTS) as well as saving on your energy bills.


Compare My Local compares prices and services across the region and so we can help you to get a great deal on solar PV by finding a local installer that’s right for you. All our installers are MCS accredited, fully vetted, trusted and reliable, so you know you will be getting a great service.

Solar PV in East Anglia

As East Anglia is known for its agricultural economy it is not surprising that many of the regions farmers are turning to solar PV in order to reduce costs, a trend driven primarily by escalating conventional fuel prices and one that is reflected in many other areas of the country. Alongside farming and the business community solar PV remains popular among domestic householders as well with many local solar PV firms continuing to be busy despite the furore over recent government cuts to Feed-in Tariffs.


This shouldn’t be too surprising because with the fall in equipment prices, there is still money to be made out there. Cambridgeshire and Ely are just two towns in the region where solar PV installation continues in a brisk manner alongside larger commercial projects such as the solar PV array installed on the roof of the Grays Shopping Centre in Essex, the Rookery Business Park in Attleborough and the NYSE centre in Basildon. 

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