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Home Security FAQ's

Home security systems can be a confusing topic, so with that in mind, our FAQs should be able to answer your most common questions:

Will I need permission to install any security measures in my home?

Rented properties will need the landlord’s consent, while some listed buildings may require planning permission depending on the type of security measure. If outdoor CCTV cameras are to be fitted, it is recommended to speak to your neighbours to inform them of your plans.

I’m required to nominate a keyholder for my security alarm system – what is a keyholder?

A keyholder is a nominated individual who acts on your behalf should you be unavailable when your monitored security alarm is activated. A keyholder is usually a neighbour, friend or family member who lives no further than 20 minutes away. In the event that an alarm is activated, the monitoring company will first contact your home in case of a false activation. If no-one is at home, then a keyholder will be contacted to investigate.

Do I need a monitored alarm system?

A monitored alarm will be ‘on call’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it is the most sophisticated type of security system available and therefore has many advantages over standard alarm systems. A monitored alarm system is a good option for you if you want complete peace of mind about your property, possessions and loved ones. Understandably, this type of system does come with a higher price tag.

Will an alarm system really deter burglars?

Burglars will always go for homes without security systems over those that have systems in place. This is because homes with no security measures are lower risk to them and are much easier to break into.  A visible alarm box is crucial to help fend off thieves. Having an alarm system will not completely eliminate the possibility of a robbery, it will only reduce the risk for you, so the more security measures you can implement, the better.

What are the basic steps I can take to prevent my house from being burgled?

Burglars will enter through doors and windows so all openings should have decent locks in place. No doors or windows should be left open if the property is unoccupied. Doors should be solid to prevent forced entry, and windows should be double glazed, as they are much harder to smash than single glazing. Adding a peephole to exterior doors will help you to see who is at the door before opening it.

I have pets, can I have an alarm system?

Yes, ‘pet-friendly’ alarms are available to buy. These sophisticated security systems have special sensors that can detect the movement of different types of pets, whether dogs, cats or even birds, to avoid false alarms being set up. The sensors account for the weight of the pet, and do not activate the alarm when movement under a certain weight is detected. There are exceptions, of course, but many homeowners with pets should be able to install security measures without restricting their pets to certain rooms in the house.

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