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Selecting the right security system for your home or business is of paramount importance in order to make sure you can protect your most valuable possessions. In addition to keeping your property safe and secure, adding extra security features can also help to reduce buildings and contents insurance thereby saving you money. There are many different home and business security solutions available, so how do you choose the most suitable one for you? Whether you wish to protect your home, or you have business premises you need to keep secure, our guide to the different types of security systems should help you choose the most suitable one for you

Popular Home and Business Security Methods:

Alarm Systems

The most popular type of security system for both home and commercial properties is alarm systems. There are several different types of alarm systems, ranging from simple Bells-only Alarms to more sophisticated alarm monitoring systems that are connected to the local police force. Understandably, there are a range of pros and cons for each type of system, and we cover this in our guide to security alarm systems. Whichever type of alarm system you choose, always ensure that the alarm box is highly visible on the outside of the building as this will act as an initial deterrent to criminals without the alarm even having to activate.

CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems have become a common security feature for businesses, shops and car parks over the past few years. They are effective deterrents to intruders and can help provide evidence to convict criminals that have burgled properties. Simpler installation and decreasing costs have also meant that CCTV Systems are becoming more popular amongst homeowners to reinforce home security measures. Read more about CCTV systems in our guide.

Other Ways To Keep Your Property Secure

In addition to getting a burglar alarm system and CCTV, there are other methods to improve security for your home or business premises. Look at the different entry points of your property – all the doors and windows – and see how possible entry could be gained by an intruder, and how you can overcome this.

Door Security

All doors should have deadlocks and be fitted to the required British Standards for security. Make sure that all external doors are solid and are at least 4.4cm thick. If any doors in your property are wooden, these can be made stronger with steel strips fitted around the frame and lock. A chain or latch can be added along with a peephole to check who is at the door before letting them in to the property. Always check the ID of any salespeople to ensure they are genuine. Businesses can opt to have access control systems on doors, such as key-code entry locks or video entry systems to improve commercial security. Don’t leave keys near doors, as burglars may be able to reach these through a letterbox. Finally, never leave doors unlocked when the property is empty.

Window Security

All windows should be fitted to the required British Standards for security. Double glazed glass is much harder to break than single glazing, so consider upgrading to double glazing if your windows are single glazed. Not only will this improve safety and security in your property, but they are also much more energy efficient. Key-operated locks will also deter potential intruders, but also make sure to keep the windows locked. Pay particular attention to high-risk windows – those on the ground floor and any that are easily accessed from a drainpipe or flat roof. If the property has sash windows, add sash stops to them, as these will limit the distance at which the window can be raised. Always ensure, however, that there is enough space for a person to escape in the event of a fire. As with doors, don’t leave windows open when the premises are empty.

Garden or Outside Space Security

The outside space surrounding a property is where intruders will gain initial entry, so it’s crucially important to think about improving security outside, as well as thinking of the inside. The obvious place to start is with the perimeter of the land, and making it as difficult as possible to gain entry. This can be achieved with fencing and gates, or hedges. Defensive gardening, such as planting thorny shrubs and bushes around the perimeter of your outside space will also help to prevent intruders. Any outbuildings, such as garages or sheds, should be securely padlocked, as burglars often break in to these to steal cars, tools, bikes and garden equipment. Adding gravel to driveways and outside surrounding space is an effective way to deter thieves as it makes a lot of noise when trodden on. Finally, add outside lights that are activated by movement at significant entry points, such as the front and back doors.

Security Inside The Property

Using motion sensor or time activated lights that come on automatically can give the impression that someone is inside the building, even when a property is empty. Any valuable possessions should be kept in a safe that is secured to the property, otherwise a burglar can steal the safe and take all of your valuables with it. It is also possible to store items in empty containers designed to look like regular items, such as books or tin cans. All valuable possessions should be marked with UV pens to allow them to be traced if stolen. Your local police station may be able to organise this. Finally, always make sure that you have a fire escape route to ensure that everyone can escape should a fire start.

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