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In the West Midlands, security is an important issue for many homeowners. So much so that in Wolverhampton, a former burglar has given security advice to university students to help them keep their possessions safe. Ex-thief Chris previously lived a life of crime targeting students’ homes because they are a “soft touch” and often don’t think about security as much as other homeowners.


Students commonly have high value belongings, such as laptops, mp3 players and smart phones, and because of that, they are popular targets with burglars. Chris showed videos of his former intrusions, and showed where weak points to gain entry could be found, and offered advice such as improving locks on doors and windows and other measures including home alarms and CCTV cameras.


As well as catching criminals, CCTV cameras also catch more unusual sights. West Midlands police have recently released a video of an intoxicated man in Dudley making abusive gestures to a CCTV camera before walking into a lamp post. He then continues to walk on as if nothing had happened. The police have released the video to highlights the dangers of drinking. Although this incident caused no harm, as the man was left uninjured, it shows how important CCTV cameras are; if the man had been left injured, then help could have been sent for. More and more homeowners are now looking for home security options, such as CCTV cameras, to help keep their properties safe.

Home Security Installers in the West Midlands

In addition to CCTV, home alarm systems are a popular security choice for property owners. Home alarms range from fairly straightforward bells-only alarm systems, right up to sophisticated monitored systems that connect directly to the police. Whatever type of home alarm or CCTV system you’re interested in, Compare My Local can assist you.


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