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Alarms & CCTV Prices: Security System Installers in the North East

CCTV cameras are used in many different ways across the North East of England, and are an essential component in maintaining the safety of the public.  Highways Agency traffic officers in the North East are increasingly relying on CCTV cameras to aid them in their monitoring of traffic conditions in the region.


Severe weather has become more commonplace across counties such as Tyne and Wear and Teeside in recent months, and as a result of this, road users are warned to avoid unnecessary journeys in heavy rain and other dangerous weather conditions. The Highways Agency finds that the use of the CCTV network across the road systems in the region is vital to ensure up-to-date information is provided, thus enabling motorists to have access to safer roads and make more reliable journeys.


CCTV has also been proven to be an effective security measure for homeowners wishing to protect their homes.

North East England Security Issues

Known as ‘the Las Vegas of the North’, Newcastle is a city that has a reputation for heavy drinking, with increased violence and criminal damage prevalent as a consequence. A “drinks tax” is being proposed for pubs in the city as council leaders look for ways to reduce alcohol-fuelled problems. Any club or bar that is open between midnight and 6am will be hit by the new tax, which is thought will generate £400,000 revenue a year.


The money will be spent on cleaning the streets, personal safety initiatives, CCTV improvements as well as other security measures. Currently, Newcastle city centre is one of the most affected areas in the country for alcohol related problems, and it is hoped that the new tax will help to create a safer and more enjoyable night out for all in Newcastle, and will also benefit those living in or around the city centre who are currently affected by late night disturbances and security issues.

Security Companies in the North East

Homeowners in the North East, from Northumberland to County Durham, can use Compare My Local to choose from a range of carefully selected security system installers for security measures at their properties. The process is simple; just enter your postcode and we will match you with up to 3 local and reputable security companies from our database. The best part is that our service is completely free to use, and all of the quotes you receive are no obligation. It couldn’t be easier!

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