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Security System Installers in London: CCTV & Security Alarms Prices

Home break-ins are a serious issue in London and, as a result, the Metropolitan Police is currently running Operation Bumblebee to target burglary in London. They state that installing home alarm systems are a worthwhile investment and make properties far less likely to be targeted by thieves. London has one of the highest crime rates in the UK, and consequently, home security systems are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners looking to protect their properties.

Security System Installers in London

Not only do visible security measures deter thieves, but they may even lower insurance premiums. Compare My Local has a comprehensive database of security system installers throughout London, from Bexley to Barnet, and each company is local, trusted and accredited. So if you’re looking for a reliable security system installer in London, Compare My Local can help! The best part is that our service is free to use, so there’s no risk and no obligation to buy.

The Latest Home Security News in London

A BMW owner in East London was left shocked after her vehicle was stolen from outside her home, after a fault with the car’s security system had not been fixed. Karin Laumann of Chingford Green in East London discovered that her Series One Sport BMW had been stolen when looking out of her window in the morning. Thankfully, private CCTV footage had captured the theft. Two men had broken into the £18,000 car using a sophisticated electrical device to control the on-board computer which started the car. This meant that there was no need for the car’s key, which was safely in Mrs Laumann’s house. The CCTV images will now to be used to help catch the criminals and all BMW owners are advised to get their vehicles checked.


In other security news, Amy Winehouse’s Camden home has sold for £1.98 million, a huge drop from the £2.7 million it was originally advertised for. The four-storey semi-detached property is heavily protected with sophisticated security alarms as well as an electrically operated front gate. The late singer had extensive security at the property to ensure privacy from onlookers and fans. The house has now become a shrine to the star, which has had a negative effect on its value.

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