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Searching for double glazing installers in Roxburghshire can be very time consuming, so why don’t you let Compare My Local do the hard work for you? Whether you live in Jedburgh, Hawick or Kelso, or anywhere else in Roxburghshire, we can help to find a suitable double glazing company for you. We insist on using only trusted and accredited companies, and searching with us doesn’t cost a penny, so there’s no risk to you at all.


Household energy bills seem to be ever on the rise, and as a result, more and more householders are searching for money saving ideas. There are many home energy saving features available so it can be difficult to choose which one to opt for, particularly when there can be an initial expense involved. One of the most popular options in the UK is double glazing, as it can help to cut heating bills by up to £165 each year. The reason for this is because double glazed windows are much more effective at insulating your home compared to single glazed windows. In fact, single glazing can be responsible for losing up to 20% of your property’s heat. By using less heat, you’ll spend less money and also generate less carbon dioxide. It is possible to save up to 680kg of carbon emissions each year, significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Most uPVC windows will last for at least twenty years, meaning that there are plenty of savings to be made over the years.


Compare My Local aims to save you time and money by searching and comparing a wide database of double glazing companies across Roxburghshire. We can provide information and quotes on installers from Melrose to Roxburgh thus allowing you to be able to choose the most suitable company for your household. All of the double glazing companies we recommend have been checked thoroughly, and there’s no charge to you for using our service, meaning there’s absolutely no risk!

What’s happening with Double Glazing in Roxburghshire?

A purpose-built ‘eco-house’ located near Kelso in Roxburghshire has had offers of over £705,000. The house was built at Stichill and has radical energy saving technology, which explains the high price tag. Features at the property include built-in thermal efficiency, a ventilation system which redistributes heat, generated by the Aga, around the rest of the house, and triple glazed windows. This type of property is becoming more and more attractive to buyers looking for eco-friendly and energy efficient homes. Knight Frank, the selling agent for the house, has offered advice for homeowners looking to make their homes more attractive with green features. They recommend starting with basic, yet popular features, such as extra insulation, double glazing and installing a water butt to collect rainwater.

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