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Searching for double glazing companies in Perthshire can be a time consuming process – why not let do some of the hard work for you? Whether you live in Crieff or Pitlochry, Callander or Blairgowrie, we can help you find a suitable double glazing installer. We only use trusted and accredited companies, and using our service doesn’t cost a thing!


With energy bills seemingly ever increasing, more and more homeowners are looking for energy saving ideas for their homes to help lower their bills. One of the most effective methods available is double glazing, and it can help you to save up to £165 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust. Single glazed windows can lose up to 20% of your home’s heat, meaning that you could be spending money on heat that is simply wasted. Double glazed glass is a much more effective insulator, and therefore retains more heat in your home. In most cases uPVC windows will last for at least twenty years, so there are plenty of savings to be gained over the years to come.


Save time and money with our service – we will search through a wide database of double glazing companies in Perthshire for you. We can provide you with information and quotes from companies in Perth, Rattray, Coupar Angus or Kincardine. You can then decide which is the most suitable company that best meets your requirements. Don’t forget that all of the companies we work with have been checked thoroughly, and there’s no charge for our service, meaning there’s no absolutely risk to you!

What’s happening with Double Glazing in Perthshire?

Perthshire Council has agreed a £40 million investment to improve housing stock in the county with new kitchens, windows and central heating. The investment will be part of a five year plan to bring council properties up to date and standard. Central heating improvements will cost around £11.4 million, while double glazed window installation will use £5.3 million of the budget.  The work will be part funded by rent increases from tenants, who have seen a 5.2 per cent increase in bills.


Elsewhere in Perthshire, one hit wonder Fiction Factory performed their first gig in twenty-seven years to around 20,000 people at the 2012 Rewind Festival. The Perth band scored a number six hit in February 1984 with their single ‘Feels Like Heaven’. Today, the band members live very different lives, but it was a chance for them to relive their glory days from the eighties.  Since the band parted company in 1987, frontman Kevin Patterson said that he still receives royalties from their biggest hit, and although it is not enough to retire on, he claims that it has paid for some home improvements, including double glazed windows.

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