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Compare My Local... Double Glazing Companies in Midlothian (Edinburghshire)

If you’re looking for information on double glazing in Midlothian, then you’ve come to the best place! Compare My Local provides a price comparison service on double glazing companies from all over Midlothian, including Edinburgh, Musselburg and Penicuik, and our aim is to find you the most suitable company for your needs.

Double glazing is a highly effective way to help insulate your home. Whether you live in Dalkeith or Bonnyrigg, double glazed windows can help to reduce your monthly heating bill. Up to 20% of your home’s generated heat can be lost and wasted through single glazed windows, so there’s plenty of savings to be had. Furthermore, by cutting the amount of heat you generate, you’ll also be making your home more energy efficient and therefore reduce your carbon footprint. Double glazed windows last for at least 20 years, which means you’ll be making plenty of savings over the next few years.

Our service is to search and compare a wide selection of double glazing companies in Midlothian to provide you with a range of quotes from local, trusted and accredited companies. You will then be able to make an informed decision about the best company for your needs. Best of all, our service is completely free, so what are you waiting for? 

Double Glazing in Midlothian – What’s New?

A volunteer at the Edinburgh Hospital Broadcasting Service has received the John Whitney award for outstanding contribution to hospital radio. Malcolm Kirby has spent more than 40 years broadcasting to hospital patients after first volunteering in 1970. The station is currently raising funds ahead of a planned move from Royal Victoria Hospital to Western General. Money needs to be raised for upgrades at the headquarters, where solid doors and double glazing are needed. Money is being raised through promotions on the station and local fundraising activities.

Meanwhile, Edinburgh council has pledged to upgrade three hundred homes in the district with double glazed windows in 2012-2013. 1550 homes will also receive new doors to replace existing ones. The council has also promised to triple the number of affordable homes available, as well as deliver 400 new energy efficient heating systems to homes.

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