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Double glazing installers in Dumfriesshire - How to get the best prices is the best place on the web for information on double glazing installers in Dumfriesshire. Our goal is to find you the most suitable double glazing company in Dumfriesshire, whether you live in Annan, Lockerbie, Moffat or Dumfries, itself.


There are many different incentives for homeowners to install double glazed windows in their properties. For most, the biggest benefit of double glazing is the lower heating bills, and there are savings of up to £165 each year to be achieved, according to the Energy Saving Trust. This is due to double glazed glass being much more effective at insulating and keeping heat retained in the property, compared to single glazing, which can lose up to 20% of a property’s heat. As well as lowering heating bills, uPVC windows will also reduce your home’s carbon footprint, and your carbon dioxide emissions could be cut by up to 680kg each year. A further benefit of double glazing is the reduction in outside noise pollution, such as traffic and aircraft noise, so as well as keeping your heat in, they will keep the noise out.


Our database of double glazing companies in Dumfriesshire will help you compare quotes to help you make an informed choice about the most suitable company for you. Our price comparison service will help you to save both time and money, whether you live in Sanquhar, Langholm or Gretna. We make sure that before working with any company, we check and vet them to ensure your complete peace of mind. And don’t forget, we provide our price comparison service completely free, so what are you waiting for?

There’s lots going on with Double Glazing in Dumfriesshire 

A passenger coach in Dumfries was targeted with an airgun, and it was thanks to the vehicle’s double glazing that no passengers were injured. The coach was travelling along the A76 close to Newton Gardens Filling Station, nearing the end of its journey from Edinburgh to Dumfries, when the window was targeted. Thankfully, the coach’s double glazed window meant that the inner glass wasn’t damaged at all. Even though the repair cost to the window was around £1400, as none of the passengers were hurt, it was considered a small price to pay.

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