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Cheap UPVC Double Glazing Installers in Berwickshire

Searching for double glazing installers in Berwickshire can be a time consuming task – why not let do some of the hard work for you? Whether you live in Greenlaw, Duns or Eyemouth, we can help you find a suitable double glazing company. We only use trusted and accredited companies, and your searching with us doesn’t cost a penny!


With energy bills increasingly on the rise, more and more homeowners are looking for energy saving ideas for their homes to help save money. Double glazing is one of the most effective options available, and can help you save up to £165 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust. Single glazed windows are responsible for losing up to 20% of heat generated in your home, meaning that you spend money on heat that is simply wasted. Double glazed glass is much better at insulating your home, and retains more heat. Typically, uPVC windows will last for at least twenty years, so there are plenty of savings to be made over the years. Double glazed glass is also much better at insulating your home against outside noise, helping to keep your household nice and peaceful.


Our service will save you time and money by searching through a wide database of double glazing companies in Berwickshire. We can provide information and quotes on companies in Lauder or Coldstream, or any other towns in Berwickshire. You’ll then be able to choose the most suitable company for you. All of the companies we work with have been thoroughly checked, and there’s no charge for our service, meaning there’s absolutely no risk to you!

What’s happening with Double Glazing in Berwickshire?

Coldingham Village Hall in Berwickshire has undergone a facelift costing nearly £300,000. The refurbishment was actioned to bring the hall, which has served the community since the 1870s, into the 21st Century. A survey was carried out on the hall to determine what upgrades were needed, and the work that was carried out included repairing the roof, a new kitchen, new heating system and double glazed sash windows throughout. Sound and lighting systems have also been improved along with various stage changes and seating additions. Since the upgrades, the hall is now a hub for village activities from theatre and drama groups to sporting clubs.


Elsewhere in Coldingham, an energy company which owns the local wind farm has promised to pay out £1 million to surrounding communities over the next 25 years. PM Renewables has pledged £40,000 per year after it was allowed to build 22 windmills on Coldingham Moor. The community as a whole was in favour of the wind farm, however, there were some concerns that the wind farm would cause extra noise pollution and that homes in the local vicinity would benefit from double glazed windows if they did not already have them installed.

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