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Compare UPVC Double Glazing Installers In Argyll and Bute

If you’re interested in double glazing in Argyll and Bute (also known as Buteshire) but are not quite sure where to start, can help. Searching for double glazing quotes can be a long and time-consuming task, whether you live in Rothesay or Millport, so why not let us do the hard work for you? We can find suitable double glazing installers, saving you time and money!


For homeowners wishing to make their properties more energy efficient, it’s difficult to go wrong with uPVC windows. They’re up to 20% more energy efficient than single glazing, and can help you save up £165 each year from lower heating bills. Consequently, your carbon dioxide emissions will be much lower and your carbon footprint will be reduced. So as well as benefitting your pocket, double glazing also benefits the environment. Double glazed glass is also easier to maintain than single glazing, as it produces less condensation on the inside of the windows, meaning you’ll spend less time cleaning your windows and more time enjoying the view. can compare a wide selection of double glazing companies in Buteshire, from Brodick to Lochranza, to provide you with a choice of quotes from suitable companies. You’ll then be able to choose the best company for your needs, without the hard work involved in manually searching for quotes yourself. All of the companies we work with have been completely checked to ensure they are trusted and accredited, so there’s nothing for you to worry about. And don’t forget that our service is free, so what are you waiting for?

Double Glazing in Argyll and Bute – The Latest News

The owners of a former bakehouse in Rothesay are proposing to convert the disused building into flats. The building has planning permission granted, and the owners are currently seeking views from local residents on the plans. The bakehouse is located behind a Co-operative convenience store and the company is concerned that noise from air-conditioning and refrigeration machines may cause noise pollution for the new occupants of the flats. The owners of the bakehouse are confident, however, that with insulation in the walls, plus double glazed windows throughout, outside noise pollution should not be an issue.


Bute councillors have been criticised by Historic Scotland over plans to install double glazed windows in two buildings in Rothesay. A handsome B-listed tenement block and the ground floor of a house are the two buildings in question, and it has been felt that the replacement windows proposed are not ‘like-for –like’. The council has claimed, however, that the new double glazed windows will look exactly the same as the original windows when closed, and that residents are entitled to energy efficient windows to help reduce fuel bills. The council claims that rules which apply to castles and ancient monuments should be distinguished from buildings that people live in.

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