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Why choose block paving for your patio or driveway?

If you are considering having a new driveway then block paving is an extremely popular choice. This is due to it providing a hardwearing, adaptable and attractive surface for any driveway or patio.


Block paving first became popular in the early 1980′s. Unfortunately, only a few designs and colours were available. However, in recent years the demand for block paving has increased and the manufacturing industry began to design a wider selection of designs and colours.   

There are many benefits for choosing block paving for your patio or driveway:

You can choose from a wide selection of colours and designs. There are many different types of paving stone available in various shapes, sizes and colours to suit all of your needs.

Block paving is very low maintenance. It usually only requires the occasional sweep to remove any dust or debris. If you find algae growing anyway, this can be removed by cleaning the area. Not only is it easy to maintain, but it is easily repaired too. Also, if you ever need to access below your paved area blocks are easily removed and replaced.

They look great. With such a range of styles available, you can design your driveway or patio in accordance to your home. You can even go one step further and add features such as kerbing or edging to really make it your own.

It’s cost effective. Block paving is a cheaper alternative than some other materials. It is also a viable investment as it will increase the value of your home and keep it looking modern and attractive.

Block paving is long lasting if properly installed and maintained, so it is considered to be a great investment.

There are two choices of block pavement, concrete or clay, and there are benefits to both.

Concrete blocks are extremely cost effective when compared to clay blocks. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures, meaning you can create a brand new look for your driveway or patio, or even a tumbled or antiqued feel. Different colours of concrete blocks are achieved by the use of concrete dyes, usually some form of metallic oxide.

But beware, even the best dyes are prone to some fading in natural daylight and the quality of the dyes is a significant factor in block price. You can keep your colour costs down a bit by choosing to have only the part of the blocks that are visible to be dyed; this is called face-mix. When choosing your colour, it is recommended that you view blocks that have been laid for a few years and not be fooled by the shiny colours in the brochures.

Clay blocks are generally available as typical rectangular bricks, although there is now a good choice of size variations. They can also be custom made depending on your budget and are extremely hard - wearing. The colours of clay bricks are completely natural and a chemical dye is not used, which means they are not prone to fading like concrete blocks can be. Due to clay blocks being natural, the colour choice is endless. Therefore, if it is important that your driveway or patio is a particular colour, then clay blocks are probably the choice for you.

Whether you decide on clay or concrete blocks for your driveway or patio, they both require low maintenance and will make a great investment for your home. The style, design and colour you choose is completely up to you, making sure your driveway or patio is individual and suits your style and needs. 

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