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Get the best prices on double glazed windows by choosing Compare My Local for the best double glazing in Middlesbrough. At Compare My Local we settle for nothing less than the best standards and will only direct you to services that we feel that you can trust. If you live in Middlesbrough, Stockton or any other area in Teesside, we can find the right uPVC windows company for your needs. As the double glazing market is vast, it’s important to be able to identify quality services that will complete the relevant work to the highest standards. This is why services must meet our expectations in order for them to appear in our results.

Save cash and help the environment with Energy Efficient Windows

People choose double glazed glass for many reasons, but one of the key factors in opting for double glazing is the high level of energy-efficiency that it is associated with. This is why so many people opt to choose double glazed windows for their homes every year. The windows are known for keeping the cold out of your home and the heat in, enabling you to pay less when fuel bills come through. Statistics constantly state that around 20% of the heat that is lost from the home escapes via the windows, but efficient glazing can help you to reduce this amount noticeably. By using less energy to heat your home, you can give yourself a pat on the back for contributing positively towards the state of the environment too.


The Energy Saving Trust have estimated that households with double glazed windows can save around £165 a year in comparison to those who do not. Insulation is becoming more and more important throughout the entire year, with the summer of 2012 being one of the coldest and wettest in the UK since records began. This means that energy-efficient windows have a vital role to play all year round. If you ever consider selling your home, you can look forward to commanding a higher sum for it if double glazing is in place, with such installations making your property notably more attractive to buyers. You’ll be able to keep noise out of your home too alongside the cold temperatures, making your home a more pleasant place to be for all concerned.

Only the best double glazing installers on Teesside

Come to us and we’ll direct you towards some of the most reputable, quality uPVC windows suppliers and installer on Teesside. Using our price comparison service is completely free, and will allow you to get a quote without obligation. The Office of Fair Trading has targeted many companies for using underhand targets and failing to meet standards and regulations but you can rest assured that we vet every company we deal with ruthlessly. However, when a company on Teesside falls short of our expectations at Compare My Local, we’ll no longer match them up with customers, therefore maintaining the quality of our pool of double glazing installers in Middlesbrough. 

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