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Solar Headphones Will Charge Your Mobile Phone

Solar Headphones

Andrew Anderson, an audio engineer from Scotland, has designed a set of headphones which incorporate a solar panel enabling users to charge their mobile phones on the go. Many smart phone users listen to music through their phones, so this invention provides the ideal solution for never-ending battery woes.


Data hungry devices such as iPhones are fantastic for providing instant access to the internet, mp3 collections and other useful apps, in addition to typical phone services such as calling and texting. But, with all of these applications running simultaneously, it doesn’t take long for the battery to start to run down, and, when out and about with no access to a charging point, it can mean that many users are left without a usable phone.


The solar headphones, called OnBeat, feature a flexible poly-crystalline silicone solar panel within the head band which works in the exactly same way that solar panels on the roof of a house would work. The panel has a capacity of around 0.55W and covers an area of 55cm3. The energy generated is stored in two small lithium batteries concealed within the ear pieces and can then be used to charge mobile devices through a USB port. While mobile solar chargers exist already, these solar headphones negate the need to carry around an extra charger.


A prototype pair of headphones has been designed by Anderson, who revealed that his father Frank had come up with the original idea, and he is now seeking £200,000 funding to get the headphones into production. He hopes to have the energy-saving headphones on sale by early 2014.


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