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Crawley Borough Council Looks To Solar Energy

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A Town Hall in West Sussex is set to get an eco-friendly makeover when almost 200 solar panels are fitted to the roof. Crawley Borough Council has invested £74,514 into the project, which is estimated to generate 39,000 kWh of electricity annually, and will reduce the Town Hall’s carbon dioxide emissions by twenty one tonnes each year. The solar panels are expected to cut electricity costs by £8,000 a year.


The panels are due to be installed above the council chamber, committee rooms and the main building and work is set to take place in August 2013. This project is the third Solar PV panel system fitted in 2013 for the council, following installations at K2 Crawley and Metcalfe Way Depot. In total, the three solar panel systems are expected to save the council £25,000 each year and 108 tonnes of carbon dioxide.


Cabinet member for environment, Councillor Ken Trussel said: “We’re pushing forward with our green ethos and we’re making excellent progress; saving the environment and money all the way.”


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