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Fitted Bedrooms

The bedroom is one of the most versatile rooms in the home, as well as being one of the most used. In addition to spending around a third of our lives sleeping in our bedrooms, we use them to store our clothes and shoes, arrange our hair and makeup, sometimes as a home office, and occasionally for additional storage.

If you're looking for a way to transform one or more bedrooms in your home, then a fitted bedroom design could be the solution you're looking for.

Fitted wardrobes

If you don't want a completely fitted bedroom, then it is possible to just get fitted wardrobes to improve storage facilities. Fitted wardrobes can be designed to accommodate awkward spaces and sloping ceiling to maximise the space you have. Three different types of doors are available – sliding doors, bi-fold doors and pivot doors.

Different types of Fitted Furniture

In terms of the types of fitted bedroom furniture, the following are available:

Full Carcase Construction – this type of furniture has a top, two sides, back panel and a base. When the doors are opened, the interior is fully finished.

Front Base Construction – this type has only a base but no sides or back panel, and can be built from floor to ceiling at any depth. Front base construction furniture must be placed between two pieces of full carcase construction furniture to use their sides.

Sliding Door Wardrobes – this is a basic frame with sliding doors without any backing panel and is placed between two pieces of full carcase construction furniture.

How to Plan a Fitted Bedroom

Fitted bedroom designs can be tailor made to your needs, and it's possible to choose from a wide selection of materials, styles, finishes and colours. Start with researching the type of look you want for the room by browsing home interest websites and magazines. Sketch some ideas on paper and collate all of your ideas to discuss with your bedroom designer.

The designer will measure your bedroom precisely and will have expert suggestions on how to maximise the available space. Even if you have obstacles such as radiators and windows in the room, a fitted bedroom designer will know how to design around these features and make the most of your space.

If you are planning a fitted bedroom for a child, you will need to think about how the child's needs will change over the coming years. Fitted bedrooms for children can incorporate adjustable and extendable furniture to grow with your child.



You get the design you want

You can work with the fitted bedroom designer to plan the perfect bedroom for you. Whether you need lots of storage, or need to find the best sleeping position in the room, you'll be able to plan a fitted bedroom design that best suits your needs. An efficient bedroom design will allow you to have more floor space, making your room feel more spacious.

Accommodate awkward spaces

The beauty of fitted bedrooms is that they can be built around whatever available space you have. Awkward angles, sloping ceilings, limited height and difficult corners can all be utilised to maximise storage space to ensure that no space is left wasted. Bookcases can be built around and over doors and windows, and window seats can be added under windows.

Cleaning is made easier

When floor to ceiling furniture is installed, it makes cleaning much easier. There are no awkward gaps to clean, which can usually be found with freestanding furniture.

Furniture is made to fit

In many bedrooms, particularly in modern properties, standard bedroom furniture is too large, or doesn't leave much space or room for movement. Fitted bedroom furniture is built to perfectly fit the specifications of your room.

Added value to your property

Fitted bedroom designs are highly attractive to potential buyers, and your property may increase in value after you install a fitted bedroom. Although fitted bedroom furniture is more expensive than freestanding, the effects can be highly positive.


Changes are permanent

Unlike freestanding furniture, which can be changed when preferences change, fitted bedroom furniture cannot be altered on a whim. If you like to redecorate regularly, or find that you get bored easily with the layout of rooms in your home, then a fitted bedroom design is probably not the best choice for you.

It is expensive

Fitted bedrooms are not cheap, even ready-made furniture packages can come with a hefty price, whilst bespoke bedrooms will be even more expensive. Despite the added expense, the positives of a fitted bedroom far outweigh the drawbacks.


I have quite a small budget – can I still get fitted bedroom furniture?

Fitted bedrooms do come at a price, but it may be possible for you to install fitted wardrobes rather than an entire bedroom package to allow you to still achieve a fitted bedroom look as well as improving storage solutions in the room.

What Bedroom Furniture Can Be Fitted?

Just about any kind of free-standing furniture can be made into fitted bedroom furniture. These include:

  • Built-in beds
  • Chests of drawers
  • Dressers
  • Wardrobes
  • Armoires
  • Computer desks
  • TV Cabinets
  • Bookcases
  • Night stands

In children's fitted bedrooms, it is also possible to have fitted nursery furniture and toy storage.

What design styles are available?

Almost any style of fitted bedroom is available – from traditional to contemporary – depending on your personal preference. If the rest of your home follows a particular theme, you may want to continue this into your bedroom. Alternatively, you can create a tranquil sanctuary to escape the stresses of modern day life by using calming, pastel shades of colour.

Whatever style you go for, don't forget to continue the theme with bedding, curtains, lampshades and other accessories such as mirrors, clocks, artwork and cushions. Lighting is important in the bedroom – soft lighting is perfect to create a romantic atmosphere, and this can be achieved with lamps and dimmer switches. In addition, you may need to add good quality lighting by mirrors, interior wardrobe lighting and lighting for reading.


More Frequently Asked Questions

Making the decision to have fitted bedroom furniture in your home will understandably come with plenty of queries. It's a big financial decision to make, so below we have tried to answer some of the more common questions we get about fitted bedrooms:

Yes! Fitted bedroom furniture can be designed to fit almost any size of bedroom, no matter how awkward. Most designers will provide made-to-measure furniture based on your room's layout and you can be as involved in the process as you like. Awkward spaces, radiators, alcoves, chimneys and sloping ceilings can all be accommodated to maximise your space.

It may be possible to move electrical sockets or add different types of lighting, such as spotlights, but you will need to consult a qualified electrician before you make any decisions.

There's not too much to prepare for the visit, but it is useful to have the main users of the room present during the consultation. The room will need to be measured and any ideas that you have will need to be discussed during the visit. Many designers will visit at your convenience – for example in evenings and weekends.
Yes, smaller bedrooms can often benefit more than larger rooms because you can gain significantly more storage space with made to measure furniture. No room is too small to benefit from fitted furniture.

Yes, bespoke fitted furniture is much more luxurious and will be personalised to your needs, but will come with a higher price tag compared to ready-made furniture. With a bespoke package, you really can have the bedroom of your dreams.

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