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Moving is often thought of as one of the most stressful things you can do. It’s a life changing event and involves selling your existing home as well as securing a new one. Chains often break and dream homes can be sold to someone else. You have to make sure you choose the right location – is it near a train station, will the kids have to move school, are there suitable schools around, does it have parking, what is the area like, is there a nearby park …. there is so much to consider and bear in mind, not to mention the huge expense of doing all of this.

There are solicitor fees, removal costs, new furniture to think about or maybe your new home needs a bit of modernisation or a complete refurb, and let’s not even begin to think about the extortionate estate agent fees. Moving is expensive and stressful, but you need extra space. You want another bedroom, a larger kitchen or dining room, a conservatory, a bigger lounge, the list is just endless.

So why not stay in your existing home that the kids already love, where the location is perfect and the area is friendly, and just simply extend or convert your property? Building an extension or converting a room you currently use for storing all your unwanted items, is a great way of creating extra space without the worry of moving. It will also add value to your home.

Building an extension or conversation will add value to your property and the outlays compared to the investment are minimal.

  • It is estimated that a loft conversion will add 12.5% to the value to your property.           
  • A conservatory may add 7 – 11% to your existing value.
  • 90% of garages don’t contain a car – so utilise this space!

There are many extensions and conversions to choose from depending on your requirements. An extension is a great solution to moving and a cost effective way of making the home you love have the space you desire. The lounge, kitchen and main bedroom are the most popular rooms to develop.

If they have an outer wall, then this can easily be knocked down and a new wall can be erected further into the garden or drive way. A conversion to a loft or cellar is a great way of creating extra space at a relatively cost effective price and is a less stressful alternative to moving house. They add great value to your property and depending on the type of extension can be built and finished in a relatively short time frame.

If you crave extra space, would like to extend an existing room or would like a whole new room built then don’t assume moving is the only option. An extension or conversion is an ideal and stress free alternative.