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Fitted Loft Wardrobes

Many homeowners are now choosing to convert empty loft space into usable bedroom space. In today’s economic climate, more and more people are choosing to stay put and extend their properties rather than move home. Converting attic space is a viable option for many property owners, and fitted bedroom furniture is the perfect solution to limited or awkward space.

Most fitted bedroom designers will enjoy the challenge of creating a loft bedroom, as they typically have sloping ceilings, restricted height and awkward corners. The beauty of loft bedrooms and fitted loft wardrobes is that they can be designed to fit perfectly around your available space.



Add an extra room to your property

Rather than moving home, and have to deal with the expense and time involved in that process, it may be possible to create extra space in your current property at a much more reasonable cost.

Make the most of the space in your loft

The loft space in many properties is not used to its best potential, so the addition of a loft bedroom can make the space really usable and liveable. Added skylights will allow natural light into the room.

Add value to your property

For many homeowners, the loft is simply wasted, empty space, or they don’t maximise the available storage space. By adding a fitted loft bedroom, it is possible to add an extra room to the property without too much fuss. This will be also appealing to potential buyers  when the decision to move home is made.


Lose loft space

Although you will gain an extra bedroom with suitable storage, you will lose the majority of your loft space and storage. Anything stored previously in the loft will need to be moved to another part o the home, e.g. garage or garden shed.

Many lofts have limited height

Many lofts are not entirely suitable for bedrooms as they have limited height. Although fitted loft wardrobes and bedroom furniture can be made to measure any available space, it may not be the best option for your needs.



What style of fitted loft bedroom can I have?

Almost any style! Fitted bedrooms are available in a variety of different styles and designs from traditional to contemporary, and these can be installed in any bedroom, including loft bedrooms. You can choose anything to suit you and your property depending on your preferences.

Will I need planning permission?

You will need to seek professional advice about converting the space, but most fitted bedroom design companies will be able to advise you about that. Check with your local authority to see whether you will need to apply for planning permission – in most cases there will be no need. Planning permission may be required when the roof space is altered or extended and exceeds specified limits and conditions.

My loft is very dark – what options do I have?

Add as much lighting as possible – from spotlights in the ceiling to freestanding lights. You may have to install a skylight in line with fire regulations, and this will have the added benefit of introducing natural light to the room.


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