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Childrens Fitted Bedrooms

Are your children's bedrooms constantly messy? It could be because there's not enough storage for all of their belongings, in which case, a fitted bedroom could provide the ideal solution. Bedrooms can be designed around their needs - sparking imagination, creativity and fun.

By installing fitted bedroom furniture into your children's room you can maximise the space and create much more storage space for clothes, toys, musical instruments, school equipment and computers, no matter what age your children are. What's more, you can involve each child in the design of the room, allowing them to choose their perfect bedroom. Even the smallest of rooms can be transformed with fitted furniture

When planning a child's fitted bedroom, you will need to consider:

  • Sleeping area – beds, bunk beds, cabin beds or sleep station
  • Study area – desk space with storage and room for laptop, PC, printer etc
  • Storage – wardrobe and drawer space for clothes and cupboard space for toys, musical instruments and sports equipment

Any design can be chosen for a child's bedroom, but it is important that it is practical and functional for their needs. If your child wants a particular themed design in their bedroom, such as animals, sports or cartoon characters, these can all be incorporated into the style of the room. Any colours can be used to make the rooms and interesting and full of character as possible – whether your child prefers vibrant, bold colours, or more muted, calming colours.




Small rooms can be transformed

Children often have smaller sized bedrooms, and these can easily become cramped and overwhelmed by a large amount of personal items. Fitted bedroom furniture can be a fantastic solution for smaller rooms and will work with the available space to provide maximum storage. In small rooms, loft beds are a fantastic idea. Similar to bunk beds, but without the bottom bunk, the space below the bed can be used to accommodate a number of different functional features, such as a desk, bookshelves or even a wardrobe.

More functions can be incorporated

A child's bedroom is not always just a place to sleep – it may also be a place to play and study. A fitted bedroom can incorporate different functions into the room, and allow your child to have a practical bedroom with separate areas for study, rest and play.

Designs can be flexible

As your child gets older, a fitted bedroom can grow with them. Many companies offer children's fitted bedrooms that can transform right from a nursery as your child's needs change over the years. Furniture can be extended and transformed – look for height adjustable desks and wardrobes with flexible hanging rails and shelving.

Your child can choose a design for them

Does your child enjoy football, tennis or spaceships? Or perhaps they want a butterfly or princess themed bedroom? Any style can be catered for with a fitted bedroom. Choose bedding, curtains and accessories to continue the theme throughout the room. If your child is involved in the design process, they can inject some of their personality into the room and have a bedroom that they love and are truly proud of.

No excuse for mess!

A fitted bedroom for your child will provide plenty of storage space, meaning there's no longer an excuse for mess!


They may deter potential buyers

Once a child's fitted bedroom has been installed, the room has been clearly defined. This may be off-putting to prospective buyers who perhaps do not have children or are in a different stage of life. They may have to change the furniture if they have different needs which will be an added expense for them. So if you are thinking about moving in the near future, a fitted bedroom for your child may not be the best idea.

They are expensive

It is an expensive decision to install a fitted bedroom for your child, so it's important to get hardwearing and durable furniture that can withstand the jumping, kicking and scrapes that your child may get up to. What's more, depending on the age of your child, their needs may change frequently, so it's crucial to get fitted bedroom furniture that will grow with them.


My child has a small 'box' room – will fitted bedroom furniture work?

Yes, of course. Any sized bedroom can work with fitted furniture, and most designers relish the challenge of a small bedroom. Even small bedrooms can have plenty of room for storage – awkward angles and sloping ceilings can be utilised to make customised storage space. Floor to ceiling and wall to wall furniture are all options for smaller rooms.

How can I make the room suitable for a child?

In addition to a personalised style and design for your child, finishing touches such as chunky handles for little hands will help your child enjoy their room to the maximum.


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