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Designer Bathrooms

The wide appeal of designer style bathrooms means that they are becoming very popular with UK homeowners. A luxurious, tranquil space in which to completely relax is the ultimate aim of a designer bathroom.

Although they may come with a higher price tag, the desirability that they can add to homes is considerably more. In fact, a wet room or designer bathroom can add up to £10,000 to the price of a property. Typically, designer bathrooms will be much larger than average bathrooms, however, there is no reason why the designer look cannot be achieved in a smaller bathroom – it may mean choosing certain designer elements and incorporating them into the available space.


Place the bath in the centre of the room

By positioning the bath into the middle of the room, you can completely transform the room and add a real focal point. The ultimate designer bath would be a roll top bath, however, you can achieve a designer look with a standard bath also. Use a wooden-framed surround and cover it with tiles that match the walls – this will certainly make an impact. In addition, by placing the bath centrally it will leave wall space to position a shower cubicle.

Take inspiration from hotels

Luxury hotel bathrooms are very much desired, and the trick is to try and achieve this look in your own home. If the room is large enough, consider installing two sinks within a larger vanity unit. This will give you lots of storage space underneath for unsightly bathroom products. The toilet should be a back-to-the-wall style to hide the cistern and any pipes. Take inspiration from boutique hotel bathrooms to add glamour and luxury in your own home by adding flowers, fluffy towels and candles.

Invest in expensive fittings

The key to any designer bathroom is the quality of the fittings. Sleek, contemporary fittings will certainly bring the hotel-chic style to any bathroom. Make sure to spend money on good quality taps, handles and holders. This idea works well for anyone trying to achieve the designer look on a budget – money can be saved on the main suite, such as the bath, toilet and basin, and redistributed on the fittings.

Disguise practical features

Look for pieces that really blend in with the rest of your design scheme – for example, radiators or towel rails can look quite ugly or boring. Choose a funky or classy design that fits in with the rest of the room.

Build a wet room

Wet rooms are becoming the ultimate in designer chic bathrooms. A fully waterproofed bathroom with an open showering area combines practicality with luxury. Seek advice on the flush to floor drainage system, and it may also be necessary to incorporate a division wall somewhere in the room. Consider installing under-floor heating to really finish off the designer style and provide additional comfort.

Use natural materials

Using natural materials, such as stone or marble, wherever possible will add a touch of glamour to the bathroom. If the budget is limited, choose selected surfaces, such as a single countertop, to introduce the chic look at a lower cost.

Don’t forget the flooring

A feature floor can really add a ‘wow’ factor to a bathroom. It’s also an effective way to achieve maximum impact on a tight budget. A great investment is encaustic or geometric tiles – both of which are eternally stylish.


You get what you want

The beauty of a designer bathroom is that you can achieve exactly what you want to. Generally, there are higher budget limits with a designer style bathroom meaning that anything is possible.

Add value to your property

A designer bathroom will add value to any type of property – sometimes as much as £10,000.

They provide space to relax

The essence of a designer bathroom is that they provide a space to truly relax in. Anyone with a stressful job or hectic life will find the escapism provided by a designer bathroom is much needed.


They are expensive

A designer bathroom will cost much more than a standard or budget bathroom. It will require significant investment to achieve a designer look.

Designs are subjective

Many designer styles are unconventional and may not appeal to the mainstream. A style may be particularly avant-garde or quirky, and if the property is to go on the market in the near future, you may find that the bathroom actually deters potential buyers rather than appealing to them.


I have a large bathroom and want a designer theme and style, but how can I make the space feel more welcoming?

Large bathrooms can feel quite sparse and bare, so a simple trick to make a larger space feel more welcoming is to paint the walls to match the tiles. This technique also adds to the luxury feeling by appearing to exaggerate the number of tiles used. Tying in the tone of the bathroom furniture can also create a more streamlined and cosy look.

I’d like to use high-end tiles but my budget doesn’t stretch very far – what are my options?

The key to any designer bathroom is to use luxury tiles, but the cost can quickly mount up. If you’ve got your heart set on some particular tiles, conserve your budget by just using them on one wall, or use them as a splash back or on a bath panel surround. In addition to saving money, this will also help any distinctive patterns from becoming too overbearing. 

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