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For information on double glazing in Rutland, is one of the best places on the web. Our aim is to search and compare prices of the most suitable double glazing companies in Rutland, from Oakham, to Uppingham, to Cottesmore.


Double glazing is one of the most favourite choices among homeowners looking for ideas to save energy. Double glazed windows can help to retain up to 20% more heat compared to single glazing. This means that you’ll need less heat to keep your home warm, and so spend less money and save energy. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save up to £165 a year on your heating bills. Double glazed windows are also a more secure option compared to single glazed windows as they are made from toughened or laminated glass and are therefore harder to break. Furthermore, double glazed windows provide more insulation against outside noise, such as traffic, helping to keep your home more peaceful.


Our service is to search through local double glazing companies in Rutland and present you with a choice of quotes. This allows you to compare prices and services and make the right decision, quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking for double glazing in Uppingham, Cottesmore or Oakham, can help. And, don’t forget that our service is completely free, and we insist on checking every company we recommend to make sure they are trustworthy and accredited, so there’s nothing for you to worry about!

The Latest News on Double Glazing in Rutland

A pub landlord in Oakham has taken steps to cut the noise from his pub customers disturbing local residents. Although the landlord insists his customers are not noisy, the measures are necessary and were part of the planning permission approval. The back garden area has been lowered to stop noise travelling, and the pub has had wall insulation, soundproofing and double glazing, all to help contain noise.


Elsewhere in Rutland, a £10,000 Lottery grant has been awarded to Preston Village Hall. The grant has paid for much needed heating, roof insulation, wall lighting and double glazing at the hall. The hall is the main meeting point in the village and is used by a number a groups for activities such as tai chi, art classes, fencing and Rutland Morris. In addition to the Lottery grant, local events took place to raise cash and local residents made private donations. Before the new heating was installed, users of the hall complained that it was too cold. The new heating system, roof insulation and double glazing will all help to retain heat at the hall.


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