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Compare Double Glazing Installers in Nottinghamshire

For anyone looking for information on double glazing in Nottinghamshire, is the best place to come! We can compare installers from all over Nottinghamshire, including Mansfield, Worksop and even Nottingham itself, and our aim is to find you the most suitable company for your needs.


Installing uPVC windows is an excellent way to help insulate your property and reduce your monthly heating bill. Up to 20% of your home’s heat can be lost through single glazed windows, so there’s plenty of energy and money to be saved by installing double glazing. What’s more, by cutting the amount of heat you generate, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint, which benefits the environment. Most double glazed windows last for 20 years or more, enabling you to make a lot of savings over the years.


As part of our service, will search and compare a wide selection of double glazing companies in Nottinghamshire, from Newark, to Retford, and Southwell. We will present you with a choice of quotes from local, trusted and accredited companies, and best of all, our service is completely free! 

Double Glazing in Nottinghamshire – What’s New?

A study by Nottingham City Homes (NCH) and Nottingham Trent University has found that fitting new double glazed windows in council houses in the city has led to a fall in burglaries. Around 16,000 homes in the city have had new double glazing fitted, including many homes in Bells Lane and Broxtowe estates, and the research found that burglaries in these areas fell by 42% from 2006 to 2009 compared to 21% across the rest of Nottingham. As well as improved security, the study found that each tenant saved between £95 and £223 a year in heating bills, helping to reduce fuel poverty in the city. Fewer children were suffering from respiratory illnesses like asthma, which has also been linked to the increase in double glazing.


Meanwhile, Beeston could lose a treasured part of its heritage as plans to demolish the Victorian Maltings buildings have been put forward. The 133 year old buildings next to Beeston Station have been earmarked for demolition in order to build new homes. Previous attempts have been opposed successfully by local residents. The Maltings have been closed since 2001, and at the time of its closure was one of the few traditional maltings (where grain was spread over large floors to germinate) left in the country and produced malted barley used by breweries across Nottinghamshire. Local residents have suggested that the Maltings be transformed into flats with double glazing to minimise noise from the train line.

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