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If you’re looking for information on double glazing in Leicestershire, you’ve come to the right place! can help you find a double glazing company from any part of Leicestershire, whether you live in Loughborough, Hinckley or even Leicester itself.


It’s important that you find the most suitable company to ensure you can benefit from the savings that uPVC windows bring. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that households with single glazing could save up to £165 a year on heating bills simply by installing double glazed windows. And seeing that double glazed glass lasts at least 20 years, there’s a lot of savings to be had!


Double glazed windows will also keep the noise out, as well as the heat in. So if you live on a busy street in Leicestershire, double glazing could be the perfect solution to insulate your home against outside noise. Traffic noise, aircraft noise, general neighbourhood noise and even barking dogs will all be quietened with the installation of uPVC windows.


Our service at is completely free and will help you compare double glazing companies from across Leicestershire, including Melton Mowbray, Coalville and Lutterworth. We have a wide database of double glazing companies that have been fully vetted and checked by us, allowing you to compare services and prices to find the best company for you. So don’t delay, get in touch with us today!

Here’s what’s happening with Double Glazing in Leicestershire

Students at the recently completed East Park Design School at Loughborough University are benefitting from a new system that ensures air quality levels are maintained. The building features an integrated natural ventilation system which ensures that carbon dioxide levels are kept at an acceptable level. The idea behind the system is that good air quality will help students in their studies, create a comfortable learning environment and benefit concentration levels. The building itself features a range of energy efficient technologies to reduce carbon dioxide production, such as solar shading and double glazing as well as the ventilation system.


The measures taken above seem to have made an impact as Loughborough University was named as one of the greenest in the UK. The university has improved from 57th in 2011 up to 52nd. The university still has a fair way to go, but the addition of energy saving measures, such as the ventilation system and double glazing in the East Park Design School has helped the university improve its ranking. Another Leicestershire university, De Montfort, made it into the top twenty greenest universities, finishing 16th, in the league created by People and Planet and published in The Guardian.

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