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If you thought that having two sheets of glass separated by a space installed in your windows wouldn’t have much of an impact on your comfort as a homeowner or business owner in Leicester, think again. The reality is that double glazing has a series of real practical benefits, not least among which is cost-effectiveness.


At this time of great financial strife for many people, finding a good deal on all manner of products and services has never been more important. This is just as true when you are in need of double glazed windows for your home in Leicester or anywhere else in the wider Leicestershire area such as Loughborough, Coalville or Hinckley.


Double glazing, though, really does offer you a return on your investment, at least if it has been done right. Great quality double glazed windows shouldn’t need to be replaced for years or even decades, and throughout that time, they can greatly reduce your energy bills – by as much as £165 a year, in fact – on account of their ability of retain more of your home’s heat.


Even better news is that Compare My Local scrupulously checks and vets different Leicester double glazing firms to ensure that the ones on your site are reputable – every single one of them. It means that all that you are left to do is use our site to determine which one offers the best price and/or service for you.

Double glazing in Leicester – what’s happening?

Residents of Leicester have been experiencing ever-increasing energy costs lately. This has moved local councillors to call for help from the government to improve the energy efficiency of homes, drawing on its revenues from carbon taxes.


That is what the Energy Bill Revolution campaign has been urging, with Labour’s deputy city mayor Councillor Rory Palmer and Councillor Elly Cutkelvin having now asked Leicester City Council colleagues to support it.


Councillor Palmer commented: "Fuel poverty hits the poorest hardest and people in Leicester are struggling more than other cities in the East Midlands to make ends meet with rising energy costs.  We need to see the Government take real action to deal with the energy market and to make sure people get the best possible deals.”


In the meantime, double glazing from a reputable company, found via Compare My Local, could be just what the cash-strapped Leicester householder requires to help to reduce their energy bills. Simply use our online search feature now to start comparing.

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