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If you live in Norwich and have decided to have double glazing installed in your Norwich house, whether that house be in Earlham, Mile Cross, Lakenham or any other area of the city, we can help. How exactly? Through providing you with a wealth of information that can assist you in choosing the most appropriate local double glazing installer for you.


Investing in an installation of double glazed glass windows in your house can prove very shrewd; indeed, such windows could help to not only retain warmth in your house, but also shrink your household's carbon emissions and costs of energy bills. The Energy Saving Trust has judged that you could save as much as £165 annually thanks to double glazing.


Compare My Local can compare many different Norwich double glazing firms, all of which we have thoroughly vetted and checked. We can then provide you with a choice of quotes for double glazing installations. This should better enable you to decide on the most appropriate provider of double glazed windows for your unique needs. And perhaps the best thing of all? To you, our service is completely free.

Recent news about double glazing in Norwich

It was during a recent awards ceremony at the Holiday Inn at Norwich Airport that double glazing company Anglian Home Improvements honoured factory manager Andy Mobbs, who had worked at the company for four decades, with a plaque for "his experience and commitment". Another two of the firm's employees, Greg White and Trevor Wilson, were also so awarded for spending four decades with the company, while a further 21 of the firm's employees were also honoured at the event.


"Anglian has been a huge part of my life and the industry has been through some radical changes during my time here," Mr Mobbs said, adding that "We've always been at the forefront in terms of innovation - one of my career highlights so far was being part of the project team that installed the state-of-the-art Fast Track manufacturing system back in the early nineties."

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