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Compare Local Double Glazing Installers in Huntingdonshire

Finding information and quotes from double glazing companies in Huntingdonshire can be a long and difficult task, but can make your life easier! Our goal is to compare prices from double glazing installers across Huntingdonshire, from St. Ives to St. Neots, to Huntingdon itself, to find the most suitable company for your home.


It can be a difficult choice to decide which energy saving features are right for your home, particularly with the expense that installation usually involves. Double glazed windows are one of the most popular energy saving options available today, as they can help to save up to 20% of heat that is otherwise wasted and lost. This can represent a £165 saving each year in reduced heating bills, as well as a lower carbon footprint, benefitting the environment. Double glazed glass is toughened or laminated, meaning that it is much stronger than single glazing, and therefore makes your home safer and more secure.  It also means that your home will be better insulated against outside noise pollution, such as traffic or aircraft noise, once uPVC windows have been installed.


So, you’ve made your mind up and decided upon double glazing for your home in Huntingdonshire, and the next step is to use our price comparison service. We can compare prices on double glazing companies in Ramsey or Yaxley, or anywhere across Huntingdonshire. We’ll search through our comprehensive network of companies to save you time and money and ultimately find the most suitable company for you.

Double Glazing in Huntingdonshire – What’s New?

A major refurbishment of Huntingdon’s almshouses has been completed on time and under budget. The project was part funded by the Huntingdon Freeman’s Charity, and took around two years to be completed. The original budget was half a million pounds, but the final cost was £450,000. Originally, the Victorian properties housed “poor widows” but today are rented by single women in need. Before the renovations, the properties were damp, cold, had no central heating, and were well below the decent homes standard. Now, the properties have central heating and double glazing, without disturbing any of the original front elevations, and making sure to retain the buildings’ heritage. Before the renovations, only two of the dwellings were occupied, but now all the properties are attractive and comfortable homes.

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