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UPVC French Doors

UPVC French doors can dramatically enhance the look of all homes or conservatories. They have a truly traditional look and are often available in a range of different styles and colours which means that you are bound to find a set that suit your personal taste and the style of your home. If you opt for UPVC French doors with full glass panels then you’ll find plenty of natural light floods into your home to create a light and airy room. As well as ensuring that ample light floods the room they also offer you easy access to your garden or patio area, as you are able to open both doors. Open them out wide on a nice summers day and you’ll also see that they provide excellent ventilation for your home.

UPVC French doors are usually fitted with toughened double glazed glass that is not only more secure, but also helps to reduce your fuel bills. The strengthened glass helps to keep the heat in your home which means you won’t need your radiators turned up quite so high during the colder months. You could also opt for a ‘shatter-proof’ glass which means that it will not shatter during an incident. If it were to break then it makes a loud sound to scare off intruders.

For added practicality you can opt for French doors that open inwards or outwards depending on your particular preferences. Most French doors are fitted with a multipoint hook locking system, which means that they lock together in several places for maximum security.

If you’re looking to buy a new set of stylish UPVC French doors for your home or conservatory then you can request a free quote online today.

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