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Compare My Local Double Glazing Companies in Yorkshire and The Humber

Compare My Local is the place to come to for information on double glazing in Yorkshire and The Humber. We aim to find you the most suitable double glazing company whether you live in Yorkshire or North Lincolnshire.

Double glazing is one of the most popular choices for homeowners looking to make their homes more energy efficient. Simply by installing double glazed windows, you can retain up to 20% of heat which would otherwise be lost and wasted. This will mean you need less energy to heat your home, reducing your monthly bills as well as your carbon footprint. Furthermore, as well as keeping the heat in, double glazed windows also keep the noise out, helping to create a peaceful and outside noise-free environment for you and your family. Double glazed windows are also more secure than single glazing, so your home will also be more secure as well as energy efficient and quiet.

Our service to you is to compare prices and services from local double glazing companies across Yorkshire and The Humber. We will then present you with a choice of quotes enabling you to make an informed decision as to the most suitable double glazing company for your needs. There is no charge for our service, and all of the companies we recommend have been thoroughly vetted and checked by us.

The Latest News on Double Glazing in Yorkshire and The Humber

Holme Valley Memorial Hospital in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, is set to undergo a £1 million refurbishment. The project, which is due for completion in October 2012, will see a complete revamp of some of the services provided by the hospital, including a new dental suite, as well as making the building more energy efficient and reducing the carbon footprint. This will be achieved by replacing the central boiler plant, installing low-energy lighting and double glazed windows throughout the site.

Meanwhile, any homeowners in Yorkshire and The Humber wishing to sell their property may be interested to know the top home improvements that add value. A survey carried out by HSBC found that installing double glazed windows to your home is the fourth most value adding feature. Double glazing can add over £5000 to the value of a property. The most value adding improvement is a loft conversion, which on average, adds over £20,000 to the value of a property, but has much higher associated costs than double glazing.

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