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Compare My Local Double Glazing Installers In The South West

Compare My Local has some of the best information available on double glazing in the South West of England. We aim to find you the most suitable double glazing company in the South West, no matter whether you live in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, or any other part of South West England.


The main benefit of double glazing is the reduction in your monthly energy bills – in fact, the Energy Saving Trust estimates that you could save up to £165 per year just by installing double glazed windows! This is because double glazed windows help to insulate your property, making it up to 20% more energy efficient. Therefore, as well as saving you money, double glazing will also reduce your home's CO2 emissions by up to 680kg a year, reducing your carbon footprint and making your home more environmentally friendly.


Another benefit is that double glazed windows will reduce the amount of condensation build-up on your windows, helping to keep them mould free and relatively easy to maintain.


Compare My Local has a database of local double glazing companies in the South West. We ensure that each company is thoroughly vetted and checked before recommending any to you, meaning you get complete peace of mind from our service.


We will provide you with a range of quotes, completely free of charge, allowing you to make an informed choice about your home's double glazing.

There's a lot going on with Double Glazing in South West

A glazing company based in Highbridge, Somerset that went into liquidation in 2011, has received nearly £1 million investment to allow the company to continue production. Several employees who were previously made redundant at Hill Leigh Glazing have now got their jobs back. In fact, five of the seven employees at the newly named M5 Glass Centre were former employees. The company makes double glazed sealed units as well as other glass and mirror products, and the new firm has already invested £100,000 in new machinery at the site on the Walcrow Industrial Estate. The company now hopes to double the workforce in the next eighteen months, boosting the local economy and job market.


Homeowners in the South West may also be shocked to hear that the cost of energy bills has soared by 140% in the last eight years. This means that bills have risen seven times faster that household income, and Britons are spending 3.2% of their income on average on energy bills, double the figure of 1.6% in 2004. Energy costs are now the top household worry for around ninety per cent of homeowners. Double glazing is an effective way to reduce energy bills and should help to alleviate some concerns for householders.

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