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If you're looking for helpful and reliable advice on double glazing in South East England, is the place for you. We will help find you a suitable double glazing company in the South East, whether you live in Kent, Essex, Surrey or Sussex.


For anyone looking to save money on energy bills and insulate their home, double glazing is an excellent choice. Double glazed windows will insulate your home and retain the 20% of heat that can be lost through single glazing.


By retaining this heat, The Energy Saving Trust estimates that homeowners in the South East could save up to £165 on their heating bills each year. Double glazed windows last for at least twenty years after installation, making them a worthwhile investment for your home with plenty of savings to be had over the years.


Furthermore, for any homeowners in the South East who live on busy roads, double glazing will also help to insulate against outside noise pollution such as traffic and aircraft noise.


Our mission at is to recommend local, trusted and accredited double glazing companies throughout the whole of the South East of England.


You can be sure that every company we use has been thoroughly checked and vetted by us, so you can be sure to find a suitable double glazing company for you. Plus, our service is completely free of charge, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

What's new with Double Glazing in South East England?

Bexhill hospital in East Sussex is currently undergoing a massive refurbishment to bring it up to contemporary standards. The hospital was originally opened in 1933 and the Irvine Unit was opened later in 1975.


A new roof and double glazing throughout the building have significantly reduced heating costs at the hospital. Other improvements include new flooring and decoration as well as moving the main kitchen to another area of the site.


Elsewhere in the South East, the University of Essex has been granted £21 million to transform its business school into a sustainable design. Based in Colchester, the new business school will feature a range of sustainable technologies including smart meters, a ground source heat pump and double glazing to achieve zero and low carbon emissions.


At the heart of the project is a winter garden which is designed to act as an environmental buffer zone. The university hopes to achieve an Excellent BREEAM rating, the internationally recognised award system for sustainable buildings, once the project is completed in 2014. This will make it one of the greenest business schools in the UK.

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