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Compare My Local Double Glazing Companies in North East England

If you're looking for information on double glazing in North East England, then Compare My Local can help. We are experts in finding double glazing companies across North East England, whether you live in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear or Teesside, and our aim is to find you the most suitable company for your needs.

There are many benefits from installing double glazing in your home in North East England. The most notable benefit is the monthly saving you will see from reduced heating bills. Up to 20% of your home's heat can be lost through single glazed windows.

Double glazing helps to insulate your home and therefore make it more energy efficient. By using less energy you will reduce your carbon footprint as well as save money. And with typical double glazed windows lasting for 20 years or more, there are plenty of savings to benefit from.

Compare My Local will search through a wide range of double glazing companies in North East England to help find you the best deal and service for your home.

Don't forget that our service is completely free of charge, and we check and vet every double glazing company we recommend. Our service will allow you to compare a selection of quotes to find the most suitable double glazing company for your needs.

What's new with Double Glazing in North East England?

Forty South Shields residents had a surprise visit from David Miliband MP after receiving a £390,000 overhaul of their heating systems and windows. Residents at the Bents Cottages now have biomass boilers installed, solar thermal heating added, wall cavity and loft insulation, as well as double glazed windows added throughout. It is estimated that savings will total £11,900 a year and Mr Miliband popped in to see the delighted residents and to congratulate them on their property improvements.

Meanwhile, research has shown that private renters in the North East are spending the most to heat their homes. The study, completed by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) found that private renters pay on average £31 more a year than homeowners to heat their homes, and £90 more a year than social housing tenants. It is thought that those who own their own homes spend the money to insulate it and add energy saving features such as double glazing, whereas private tenants must rely on their landlords to improve energy efficiency. With a lack of incentives for landlords to make improvements, private tenants are being hit with higher bills.

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