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Compare My Local Double Glazing Installers In East Midlands

Compare My Local is one of the best places on the web for information on double glazing in East Midlands. We aim to find you the most suitable double glazing company in East Midlands, whether you live in Nottingham, Leicester or Peterborough. We only recommend local, trusted double glazing companies.

Double glazing is an essential energy saving feature for your home. Insulating the windows in your property will reduce the amount of heat it loses by up to 20%.

This means you will need less energy to heat it, reducing your carbon dioxide emissions, lowering your carbon footprint and also saving you money!

In fact, The Energy Saving Trust estimates that you could save up to £165 a year on your heating bills. You'll also benefit from less noise pollution from outside. This could be traffic noise, or aircraft noise, or even just general neighbourhood noise – double glazing will help to keep your home nice and quiet.

Once you've decided to go for double glazing in your home, Compare My Local will search through a wide range of double glazing companies in the East Midlands to provide you with a choice of quotes.

We fully check each company we suggest, to enable you to make an informed choice to find a suitable local double glazing company. There's no cost for our service, so it's completely risk free and without obligation – so what are you waiting for? Make that search today!

Double Glazing in East Midlands – What's New?

Homes in the East Midlands have the lowest monthly income shortfall according to a survey by insurer Legal and General. Energy bills have risen by around 140% since 2004, pushing many UK households into debt as they struggle to pay monthly bills. In fact, according to the research, a total of 1.2 million households have sunk into debt and are struggling to pay bills.

The number of households describing their financial situation as 'stable' has fallen from 45% in September 2011 to 39% in May 2012. The average shortfall nationwide is now £73.94, however, homes in the East Midlands were found to have the smallest average monthly shortfall of £21.38. Double glazing has been recommended as an energy saving measure to help cut costs on monthly heating bills.

Homeowners without double glazing living on a road in Nottingham may soon wish they had installed it. Nottingham City Transport is set to move its three bus depots to a new single central site as part of a £50m deal.

The company has been based at its previous garages for over eighty years, but is now moving to a twelve acre site previously used by a college. Some residents living along the road of the new proposed site have opposed the announcement stating that the increased traffic noise, particularly late in the evening, will disturb them.

If the proposal goes ahead, the residents of Carlton Road will be wise to install double glazed windows, which help to cut outside noise pollution, including traffic noise.

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