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For anyone looking for information on double glazing in East Anglia, can help. We are experts in finding double glazing companies across East Anglia, whether in Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire, and our mission is to find you the best company for your needs.


There may be many reasons why you're interested in double glazing for your home in East Anglia – most notably, the financial savings from reduced energy bills each month. Double glazed windows help to insulate your home and keep the heat in, so you spend less money.


It also means that you'll have a smaller carbon footprint, making your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Double glazed windows last for at least 20 years ensuring that there are plenty of savings to be achieved.


Here at, we will search through double glazing companies in East Anglia to help find you the best deal and service for your home.


Our service is completely free of charge, and every double glazing company we recommend has been checked to ensure they are local, trusted and accredited. You can compare a range of quotes to find the most suitable company for your needs.

What's going on with Double Glazing in East Anglia?

A property in Kings Lynn has had a £65,000 makeover to bring it into the 21st Century. The project was undertaken by Freebridge Community Housing on a two bedroom home in their portfolio which had been previously untouched for over thirty years and was described as a "stepping into a time warp". The former tenants had refused any offers of refurbishment, and after the tenants died, the housing association began work on renovating the house.


Many of the original period features were preserved, but refurbishment work included re-plastering most of the walls, as well as replacing all of the windows with double glazing. The project took five months to complete, and the property is now ready for a new set of tenants.


The new tenants in that property will be glad to hear of the energy efficiency improvements the property has had, as energy prices have reportedly soared by 140% in just eight years. With average salary levels increasing by just twenty percent that means that energy prices have increased by seven times the rate of income.


The result of this is that the average household spend on energy bills has increased from £522 in 2004 to £1,252 in 2012. Double glazing can help cut energy bills by up to 20% each year, and with energy prices soaring exponentially, there's never been a better time to get double glazing.

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