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Security Alarm Prices

A security alarm is one of the ways in which you can keep your home safe. Depending on how much you wish to spend, and how sophisticated you want the system to be, there are various systems available, from Bell-only to more sophisticated monitoring systems. Our helpful guide should give you an idea of the difference in security alarm prices and how much you should expect to pay for each type of alarm.

Bells-only Burglar Alarms

This is the simplest type of burglar alarm system. If the alarm is activated, a bell or siren will sound, with the intention of deterring the burglar from entering your home. It would then be necessary for someone to notify you or the police. For this type of security alarm, you will expect to pay a one-off fee to have the alarm fitted.

Cost of Bells-only Alarm: Prices vary between £300-£600 for the alarm and installation.

Maintenance Contract Alarms

This type of security alarm will be regularly maintained by the company that installed it, usually around once a year. Professional maintenance can highlight defects and problems, hopefully cutting down on false alarms. This will give you more peace of mind when it comes to the reliability of your security alarm system.

Cost of Maintenance Contract Alarm: Prices range between £50-£100 per year

Monitoring Contract Alarms

One step up from maintenance; it is also possible to pay for your alarm system to be monitored. The alarm system will be connected to a receiving centre and it means that you or a named keyholder will be notified in the event that the alarm is activated. Usually a keyholder is contacted when there have been two indications that a burglary is taking place, such as a sensor being activated and the sound of a window being smashed. This type of system understandably comes with additional cost, so may only be required by homeowners with particularly high value possessions or who live in remote areas where a burglary may not be seen by neighbours or local people.

Cost of Monitoring Contract Alarm: From £69 to £176 a year for keyholder monitoring. The cost of maintenance would be additional to monitoring.

Speech Dialler Alarms

This is a cheaper alternative to monitoring alarms. When the alarm is activated, the system will call a set of numbers that you have nominated, usually your mobile number or family members. The system will call the numbers until it gets an answer, at which point it relays a recorded alert that the alarm has been set off. Unlike the monitoring system, only one sensor needs to be activated for the speech dialler system to be set in motion.

Cost of Speech Dialler Alarm: There will be a one-off installation cost of around £99-150 and the telephone call costs, as and when they are made.

Police Response Alarms

A more sophisticated type of alarm system is police response, which involves the security system being linked directly to the police. This does not, however, guarantee a visit from the police – it is dependent on available resources and what other incidents are occurring at the same time. If they are certain that there is someone in your home, then the call will be given a higher priority. False alarms may cause your home to be struck off the police register. If three false alarms occur in 12 months (four in Scotland) then the police will not respond again.

Cost of Police Response Alarm: The typical cost for this type of system is £263.40 (with ADT, the UK’s largest security alarm company) and this includes maintenance. Your local police force will also charge a one-off price of £45 to register the alarm system with a unique reference number.

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