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Fitted bedrooms are bought for a number of reasons, whether to save space, or to make the most of awkward spaces. When looking for fitted bedroom packages and installation costs, it can be difficult to know where to start. Our cost guide will inform you of the average costs and charges you should expect to pay when buying a new fitted bedroom.

Fitted bedroom installation costs

If installation is not included in your fitted bedroom package price, you must remember to cost it into your overall budget. When simply replacing an old bedroom suite for a new suite you should usually allow around £200 for a single bedroom, and £350 for a double bedroom, to cover the labour cost for the fitting and installation of the furniture. These are average costs, but always make sure you check the specific cost with your fitted bedroom supplier.

Fitted bedroom furniture costs

The furniture used in fitted bedrooms can vary in price depending on the quality and finish of the materials used. Different suppliers charge different amounts, so it's important to shop around, but the costs below should give you an indication of how much you should expect to pay for some of the most typical fitted bedroom layouts. The price range varies from the lowest end of the market to the highest, with average costs also provided:


Price Range

Average Price

Standard Over Bed Layout

£1856 - £6940


Wardrobes + Lowline + Bridge Layout

£2340 - £7230


Child’s Bedroom

£2554 - £7300


Although fitted bedroom furniture is more expensive than free standing furniture, the storage capacity of fitted furniture is much higher, so you should need less and could end up spending less money. For example, the average price of a good quality free standing wardrobe will be around £700. However, it is possible to fit as many clothes into 3 fitted wardrobes as you can in 5 freestanding wardrobes.

Bedroom Decoration Costs

When having a new fitted bedroom installed, you may also wish to have the room decorated, in order to give the room a completely new look. The cost of employing painters, decorators and plasterers will obviously increase your budget. It is possible to tackle some decoration jobs yourself, but if you'd rather employ a professional to do the work for you, the average costs for the most common decoration jobs can be found below.


Average cost

Painting a 3m x 3m room


Replaster a 3m x 3m room

£1,350 to £2,610

Replaster walls and redecorate**

£1,930 to £3,180

Replaster patch

£135 to £175

Repair a 1m crack


Ceiling plaster and redecorate**

£350 - £2540

Redecorate a window


Carpet laying inc. gripper and underlay

£18 per square metre

Laminate flooring installation inc. underlay and trim

£16 per square metre

Timber and wooden flooring refinishing

£25 per square metre

* This amount will depend on the quality of the paint you choose
** It will take several days for the plaster to set before the walls can be painted.

Bedroom electrical costs

Many homeowners choose to make changes to lighting when installing a new fitted bedroom. Some fitted bedroom suppliers may include this cost as part of their service, but if they do not, here are some of the typical costs you can expect to pay. Labour charges will be added on top of these amounts

Electrical Job

Average cost

Power points off existing ring main

£40 each

Replacement socket face plates

£10 each

Flush mount ceiling lights

£25 each

Replacement wall lights

£20 each

New wall light installation

£80 each

Moving of sockets and switches

£40 each

Part 'P' electrical certificate

£80 per certificate

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