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Central Heating Cost

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Choosing a new central heating system for your home can be a significant purchase for any homeowner. Gas central heating is the most popular type of heating in the UK. Boiler prices can vary, however, depending on the brand, size and type of boiler. Well known boiler brands include Vaillant, Baxi, Worcester-Bosch, Ideal and Glow-Worm, and typical boiler prices can range from around £400 up to £2,400.

Gas Boiler Installation Costs

In addition to the cost of the boiler, the installation costs need to be considered. In fact, the price of the boiler could be only a minor part of the total cost, when the engineer call-out charge, cost of any extra parts, plus VAT are all factored in. Additionally, the place into which the boiler is being installed may make a difference to the cost:

  • Replacing a gas condensing combi boiler with no significant changes - This will involve removing an old boiler and installing a new one in its place. Typical cost: £540 - £660.

N.B. Older central heating systems may require a mechanical flush, which could cost an additional £510.

  • Replacing a gas non-condensing boiler with a condensing boiler, in the same position – This job will require the installer to check the supply of gas and position of the flue, which may need removing or replacing. Typical cost: £640 - £770.

N.B. If any pipes need to be moved, this will add around £200-£300 to the total cost. As above, older systems may require a mechanical flush.

  • Installing a gas condensing boiler in a new location and upgrading the heating system (adding radiator valves and changing controls) – This is a more complex installation and will involve plumbing work such as routing the flue and adding a condensate drain. Typical cost: £1,140 - £1,440.

N.B. This type of installation will require a chemical flush, which is a process of adding cleaning chemicals to remove debris from the heating system. This job will cost an additional £200.

  • Replacing a gas heat-only boiler with a condensing combi boiler – This installation involves converting the central heating system from an open-vented setup to a sealed one. Obsolete equipment, such as the cold water storage tank and hot water cylinder, will need to be removed and re-plumbing and adding a condensate drain also adds to the overall amount. Typical cost: £1,440

N.B. Additional pipe work and a chemical or mechanical flush may also be required with this type of installation.

Always ensure that any new gas boiler is installed by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

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