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Asbestos Removal Cost

When it come to the question how much does asbestos removal cost? It is difficult to estimate an accurate cost as prices do vary massively depending on each job and how much asbestos needs removing. Below are is a guide to some rough costs but if you require a more accurate quotations for asbestos removal then can assist you with prices from local specialists:

Asbestos survey – approx £250

Asbestos air testing – approx - £60

Asbestos removal – on average will cost between £800 - £3000

Do you know if your home contains asbestos?

If you don’t, then you should. Asbestos is an extremely hazardous material and although asbestos materials in good condition are predominately safe, if the material becomes damaged in anyway and the fibres become airborne, the effects are deadly. These fibres can be easily inhaled and once they are in your blood stream it could result in a life threatening disease.

Asbestos related diseases won’t affect you straight away; it can take between 20 and 50 years to develop. Therefore, there is a real need for you to protect yourself now in order to prevent contracting an asbestos- related disease in the future. An estimated 4000 people are killed from asbestos related illnesses every year.

If your home was built before the year 2000, there is a strong possibility that it contains asbestos. It is highly recommended that you hire an asbestos surveyor to check your home for this dangerous material so you can take the right steps to prevent it from becoming airborne, whether that means leaving it undisturbed or removing the entire area.

Asbestos Survey

Having an asbestos survey will establish if there is any asbestos within your home. Once found, you can then be advised how to maintain the material so it doesn’t pose any risks to your health. There are two main types of surveys that are conducted – asbestos management surveys and asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys.

Asbestos management surveys are for home owners wanting to check their property and for those responsible for the maintenance and repair of non- domestic properties, which are called duty holders. Duty holders must carry out asbestos maintenance under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. A qualified surveyor needs to be hired to carry out an asbestos management survey at least once a year.

 Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys are carried out if you are planning extensive refurbishment work on your home.  

Each survey will locate and record any areas containing or suspected to contain asbestos. They will assess the condition of the material and send a sample off to be tested by an accredited asbestos testing company. They will then advice you on whether the asbestos should be maintained or removed.

The cost of the survey will depend on the size of your property, how many samples are needed and the type of survey you require. But you can generally expect to pay about £250 for an asbestos survey. 

Asbestos air testing

The Control of Asbestos Regulations state that for safety reasons there should be no more than 0.1 fibres of asbestos per millilitre of air, which is measured over a period of four hours. A qualified surveyor will carry out an asbestos air test by collecting a gas sample from the atmosphere and having it sent to an accredited lab. There are four main ways to test for asbestos fibres within the air, these are -

Background asbestos air testing , which is done before any work on the property begins.

Exposure and leak asbestos air testing, which is conducted only on the areas of the home considered to be breathing areas.

Controlled asbestos air testing is done while samples are being removed.

Clearance and reassurance air testing is to confirm that all asbestos has been successfully removed.

You can usually expect to pay around £60 for a basic background air testing survey. You can choose to have an asbestos survey that also includes air testing, which should cost around £250.

Asbestos removal

If it has been confirmed that your home or property contains asbestos and you need to have it removed you should always employ a qualified company to carry this out. If you are exposed to asbestos materials, it can lead to death. The cost of asbestos removal will depend on how much is being removed, where it is within your property and how easy is it to reach and remove. On average, it should cost around £800 to have the material successfully removed, but if asbestos has been found in any pipes and lagging it could cost up to £3000. If asbestos has been found on your garage roof this can be relatively cheap to remove depending on where you live.

Some councils will remove a certain amount free of charge, so it is always best to check with your local authority. 

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